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Who Makes What Cool Essay

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Who makes what cool? Where do today's teenagers get their idea of individuality? An answer for these questions lies in a television network called MTV. Using music videos and popular teen stars they are able to convey a message of what to wear and how to act. MTV started out simply showing music videos, now they have television programs and events. One specific show on MTV called TRL (total request live) shows the most popular music videos that are out. On this show they have anyone from young movie stars to the latest rapper. The whole show is live and they bring in fans from the street to be the audience in the studio. If you ask any teenager they would probably say that they have seen or ...view middle of the document...

The youth that are watching the show eat up every word they say about the best clothes to wear or what they look for in a guy or girl. In a sense, the show changes youth culture slowly but surely. TRL tells what music is good and what is bad. I personally think that you should listen to the music that you like best. By watching shows like TRL you like music because it is popular. It helps shape today's youth culture into all being the same thing. Teenagers think they are being original by looking like their favorite rock star or rapper. They are only original if they can look like them first. After a few months, everyone is hopping on the bandwagon and so the cycle continues. Culture is affected in many ways by shows like TRL. MTV uses advertising techniques to target young viewers. It takes things a parent would enforce as morals and turns them around into the way the kids want to see them. On TRL it shows a world to viewers that is exactly the way most youth wish life could be; lots of sex, drugs and rock and roll without any consequences. As life teaches, there are consequences to living a rock star lifestyle. On TV, musicians and movie stars appear to be the happiest people on the planet and have everything they need. If this is true, why are they killing themselves and overdosing on drugs? It presents to the youth of today a false perception of real life. TRL has developed a following of viewers that are detected to the show. The biggest topic between middle schoolers and early high school kids is who was on the last TRL and what happened. If you watch the show they will show a picture of the crowd outside of the building. It is full of screaming girls with signs saying how much they love Brittany Spears or the Backstreet Boys. The funny thing is all the girls in the crowd look and act like Brittany Spears. This is a fine example of advertising at its best. By using TRL, networks like MTV are capable of changing a person's individuality. Teen girls striving to look just like the latest pop singer and guys that look exactly like a member of the Backstreet Boys. Can this be changed? Should this be changed? Or is this what makes a culture? A culture is made up of people with similar actions and beliefs. TRL...

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