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Who Let The Dogs Out Essay

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In presenting this assignment I would like to take this opportunity to explain that I had tried my level best in putting all the questions as per their requirements within the row of their accessibility. The subject has been explained in a variety of roles with the case studies.
As this assignment had been very diverse in its nature and strata so different companies and their frame work has been managed to put with the core strategic studies.
The topics as discussed in the assignment are as such marketing strategies and planning. SBU lifecycle and strategy. Business unit strategic planning. External Environment Analysis, Swot Analysis. Porters Generic Strategies. Marketing ...view middle of the document...

One technique for identifying opportunities is to seek strategic windows.
A strategic window is the identification of an opportunity for a limited period in the future and managing the organization & apposes resources so that there is a fit between the key market needs and the ability of the organization to meet those needs at an optimum level.
Strategic Business Units (SBUs)

Individual units within the firm that operate like separate businesses, with each having its own mission, business objectives, resources, managers, and competitors.
Characteristics of SBUs

It is a single business or collection of related businesses.
It has its own set of competitors.
It has a leader responsible for:
Strategic planning
Planning at Different Management Levels

Strategic Planning Corporate Level Planning Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Planning done by top level corporate managers
Define corporate visions
Set corporate goals
Establish the business portfolio
Planning done by top level SBU managers
Define the business mission
Evaluate the environment (SWOT analysis)
State business objectives
Develop growth strategies
Tactical Planning
Three Levels of Planning

Tactical (Functional) Planning: A decision process that concentrates on developing detailed plans for strategies and tactics for the short term that support an organization & apposes long-term strategic plan. Accomplished by various functional areas of firm. Typically includes a broad 5-year plan to support strategic plan and a detailed annual plan.
Operational Planning: A decision process that focuses on developing detailed plans for day-to-day activities that carry out an organization & aposes tactical plans. First-line managers focus on day-to-day execution of functional plans. Such planning includes detailed annual, semiannual, or quarterly plans. Example: units of a product a salesperson needs to sell per month.
Cross-Functional: An approach to tactical planning in which manager's work together in developing tactical plans for each functional area in the firm so that each plan considers the objectives of the other areas.
The Value-Delivery Process (a) Traditional physical process sequence (b) Value creation & delivery sequence Sell the product Make the product Procure Design product Make Price Sell Advertise/ promote Distribute Service Choose the Value Provide the Value Tactical marketing Strategic marketing Communicate the Value.
Strategic Planning at Co-operate Level

To develop strategic plans, top-level corporate managers follow three steps:
They develop a mission or vision for the total corporation,
Establish the corporation & aposes long-term goals or objectives,
Allocate resources to the different SBUs to maximize growth and profits.
Mission Statement:

A formal statement in an organization & aposes strategic plan that describes the overall purpose of the organization and what it...

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