Who Is The Real Monster? Essay

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The novel Frankenstein has often been mistaken that the creature Victor Frankenstein created was the monster, but actually Victor is more like the monster than the creature, so who do you feel is the real monster? There are many literary devices that refer to this novel. Some literacy terms I felt related to the novel are allusion, setting, and conflict. Even though the novel Frankenstein is considered to be a Gothic novel, it can also be a romantic loving novel.
There were many allusions associated within the novel. I am going to unexplored ‘regions, to “the land of mist and snow,” but I shall kill no albatross; don’t be alarmed for my safety or if I should come ...view middle of the document...

The setting was very important in the novel. The time of the setting was in the 18th century. There were many different settings where everything took place, which were Geneva, Swiss Alps, Ingolstadt, England and Scotland and the Northern Ice.
In the Northern Ice, Robert Walton goes on a voyage and is writing to his sister of what he is doing. Geneva is where most things happened. Victor was raised there. Justine and William were murdered by Victor’s creature. Eventually Victor moved to the University of Ingolstadt to study natural philosophy and chemistry. There, he was consumed by the desire to discover the secret of life, where he created the ugly creature. He became full of guilt because of his creature murdering everyone he loved. He spends time in the Swiss Alps, to see the beautiful nature and to get his mind off of everything. He thinks about his future wife Elizabeth, who he loves dearly, but nothing seems to get off his mind. Eventually he went on a trip traveling through Scotland and England with Henry Clerval, but departs on his own to the Orkneys, and island that was peaceful and calm to start the other creation for the monster to have a companion.
Later on he dies on Robert Walton’s ship in the North, killed by the monster.
I am already far north of London, and as I walk in the streets of Petersburgh, I feel a cold northern breeze play upon my cheeks. (Shelley, Mary pg.15)
This passage deals with Walton traveling North of London on his voyage.
My departure for Ingolstadt, which had been deferred by these events, was now again determined upon. (Shelley, Mary pg. 43)
This passage is Victor going to the University of Ingolstadt.
In the novel there was a great amount of conflict. As...

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