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Who Is The Greatest? Essay

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Yomaris BeltranPeriod 1/210/27/14Jesus Christ (R) - Jesus had started the most followed religion of the world. Even though there is no evidence that he was actually the "Son of God", he was a muse, and led to more than a billion people believing in Christianity. Not only is he known/worshipped all over the world but there have controversies towards him that have led to wars being fought in his name. This is why Jesus is ranked #1St. Paul (R) - St. Paul had spread the most influential religion in the world, Christianity. St. Paul wasn't really there at the time of Jesus, nor did he experience the events himself but he had written most of the New Testament with what he heard. His successful ...view middle of the document...

Augustus Caesar (P) - Augustus, also known as, "Octavian", had transformed the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. There were many improvements that Augustus tried to implant into the Empire and it was a success. Civil war in Rome had ended, which was later called the, "Pax Romana", a peace treaty. He spread his ideas and achievements of the ancient world and they have impacted even the western civilization, lasting until the 15th century.Constantine the Great (R) - Constantine had made Christianity a superior religion, compared to all the other religions created during his time. Constantine had created the Edict of Milan, which made Christianity a tolerable religion, and also enlisted that Sunday was a day of worship for the people. The church doctrine was also created because of the Council of Nicaea which was summoned by Constantine.Alexander the Great (P) - Alexander conquered the entire Persian Empire, slaying everything in his path and being an extreme people-person. Alexander not only conquered but also spread the Greek culture through Middle East and Central Asia. It is said that Alexander would have changed the world if he hadn't died of illness.Julius Caesar (P) - Not only did Alexander conquer but so did Julius, with his conquering of Gaul in Rome and trying to make Rome an Empire. Julius took part in the collapse of the Roman Republic. He also assisted Rome security when Gaul was conquered. But even though he was influential in Roman history, he had a small amount of...

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