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Who Caused Ww1? Essay

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World War 1 EssayThe causes of World War One are many and varied. Debate on who was to blame for the initial dispute still goes on today, and there are many heated opinions regarding the matter. According to the treaty of the Versailles, Germany was held responsible for the offense because of its nationalistic aggression toward other countries. But was it justified, that Germany, and Germany alone, should be held completely responsible for the outbreak of War?To uncover the truth, or an opinionated truth, first the situation at hand needs to be addressed. The immediate cause of World War One began with Gavrilo Princip, the Serb assassin of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro- ...view middle of the document...

As Germany's Empire expanded it decided to challenge Britain's position. At the time, Germany also conquered two of France's territories, which made France a rival against Germany. The crisis of territory was issued in the decade before 1914, when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. The long and difficult series of delicate clashes between the Great Powers over European and Colonial issues left tensions very high, and an outbreak of war was probably inevitable.The point that is beyond debate is that the altercation between Austria-Hungary and Serbia was inevitable, and did, absolutely, begin the outbreak of war. The quarrel between them began before the outbreak, however, which lead many historians to believe the Austrian's seized the opportunity for war, although they probably did not expect it to include the vast majority of Europe.The first country to order mobilization for war was Russia, which was followed by Germany. The Russian's were concerned at the time about the situation in the Balkans, where both Turkey and Bulgaria were under strict German influence. This influence would enable Germany and Austria to control an outlet from the Black Sea called the Dardanelles. It was the main Russian trade route, and if the German's and Austrian's were allowed to take it over, their trade could have been severely cut off. Hence, Russia began to feel threatened, and once the outbreak of war began, may have seen it as a struggle for survival. Russia could not have remained neutral under such circumstances.Germany's desire for economic proficiency caused their capitalists and businessmen to desire a war with Britain, who owned the majority of the world's merchant ships. The introduction of a powerful British...

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