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White Flight Essay

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London’s White Flight is an article in The Economist and it was published in August 9th, 2008. The economist is a weekly news magazine which authoritative insights and opinions on international news, politics, business etc. The article “London’s White Flight” reports and covers wide about how immigration influenced the capital city. The narrator informs his audience by using statistics, an interview, and studies by social accepted/respected institutions and historical references. The article are five text pages long and build up without headings, figures nor other page layouts.
The Audience of the text is generally people with a reasonably long education, and people who would be interested ...view middle of the document...

The audience would be the adherents of The Economist, people who would like a cultural enlightenment etc. The intended reader’s background would be average high income, with a long or medium educational background. The Economist isn’t afraid that they will scare off average readers (a fear which has destroyed once-decent magazines like Newsweek and Time).
With that said, the text has others parameters which make more appealing for a cultural audience fx historical references, statistics. The reason for using these methods, it’s because to make the article more authentic and to persuade its readers. If we look at this quotation:
According to Experian Business Stratgies, a consultancy, the city’s average annual growth rate in 1995-2002 was 3.3 %, compared with 2.5% for the country as a whole (P.6. L 26-29).
It shows us the narrator uses these evidences to persuade with reasonable arguments for his audience (logos).
There isn’t a time in the text, where the narrator doesn’t use an objective point of view and doesn’t have a cohesion and logical composition.
The narrator assign favorable and the unfavorable factors or reasons with the current/past immigration in London City. The text indicates that he assigns more of the unfavorable factors of immigration, by choosing specific phrases ex page 6, line 7: “The consequences are being felt across the country”.
The author chose to use this inversion. Although by just switching the word “consequences” with “repercussion” would give the sentence a whole other tone. The author who is working for The Economist does this on purpose in order to affect the audience, very discreet and indirect. If we look at page 9, line 1-2: “While the drawbacks to living in London have increased, so those to living in the countryside have diminished”.
The journalist has chosen to put the story in this point of view, with not regards of all the contribution immigration has done to London and rest of Britain. The narrator’s agenda could be to elucidate the bad sides of immigration. There can be many reasons for showing them in...

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