White Collar Crimes Why Are They Less Prosecuted Than Blue Collar Crimes

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Byce had no criminal record and was the average person. This meant there was no reason to suspect her. She did have pressure and opportunity to commit fraud though. She had a gambling addiction at the time, which can lead to needing money and then more money. No one else probably even knew she had a gambling addiction. She also had medical issues, Crohn’s Disease, which led to surgeries and continuing surgery. Of course, these surgeries and treatments would have cost money. (Damien, 2009)
Byce committed fraud with one of the easiest assets- cash. Through a lack on internal controls she was able to conceal her crimes well. She received blank pre-signed checks so there was no one ...view middle of the document...

People do not want to find someone like that guilty of a crime. There is also the cost to be considered. People that commit white-collar crimes tend to be well off financial and can afford a team of high powered attorneys which can cost the prosecution time and large amount of money. Juries are usually made-up of people from the neighborhood. The practices and details involved in white-collar crimes can be a bit heavy for jurors to make sense of. When jurors get lost in the confusing details it is harder to get a guilty plea. (Iwata, 2005)
To help prevent this from happening, or at least to lessen the chances, better internal controls should have been put into place. First, the person receiving the contract should not be the person writing the checks. Someone else should review all contracts to ensure they are valid contracts. Then it should be put into the accounts payable system. Someone else should write the check, an unsigned check. An authorized person should not review the contract to the check and sign the check and then mail it. This segregation of duties can limit the opportunity for fraud to be committed.

In this case they should have also had a better inventory control system. These contracts were for cattle purchases. If these contracts were valid then they should have noticed inventory changing. No one noticed for years a lack of inventory changes with these contracts. By implementing a control system for inventory a company can monitor its changes to see that it meets expectations based on sales and receivables.
Lastly, having...

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