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There are many definitions of "white-collar" crime. (Edelhertz, 1970) White-collar crime - “An illegal act or series of illegal acts committed by nonphysical means and by concealment or guile, to obtain money or property, to avoid the payment or loss of money or property, or to obtain business or personal advantage.” (Edelhertz, 1970) White-collar crime are crimes can be committed by: “persons working on an individual basis for personal gain in a non-business situation (personal crimes); crimes in the course of their occupations by those operating inside businesses, Government, or other establishments, or in a professional capacity, in violation of their duty of loyalty and fidelity to ...view middle of the document...

(Edelhertz, 1970) White-collar criminals can only be successful if the victim is ignorant and negligent. (Edelhertz, 1970) Difference between white-collar crime and other types of crime is that white-collar crime generally requires the victim to comply in being victimized in contrast to murder, robbery, assault or rape. (Edelhertz, 1970) Difference - other types of crime create a clear representation there has been a violation, despite the fact that the identity of the perpetrator may not be known. (Edelhertz, 1970) This is not the case with white-collar crimes, where victims may never know that they have been victimized and if they do find out it is well after the fact. (Edelhertz, 1970)
In regards to the criminal justice system, the laws are implemented differently for white collar criminals than for others. (Sutherland, 1944) Three factors resort in this difference in how white-collar criminal are treated: status of the business man, the movement away from reprimand, and the somewhat unorganized resentment of the public against white-collar criminals. (Sutherland, 1944) First factor - provoking business may result in a reduction in regards to political gain. Legislators do not recognize business men as the typical criminal. (Sutherland, 1944) Second factor – due to the status of business men there are not a lot of precedents in regards to laws of white-collar crime. (Sutherland, 1944) The procedures of criminal law are tailored so that the dishonor of crime will not attach to the offenders. (Sutherland, 1944) Third factor – white-collar crimes are not as obvious as murder, rape, assault and battery. (Sutherland, 1944)
Upper class individuals comprise less than two percent of individuals incarcerated in a year. (Sutherland, 1940) Crime is considered to be caused by poverty, personal and social characteristics, demographics, and upbringing because it is concentrated in the lower class. (Sutherland, 1940) Present-day white-collar criminals found in every occupation and are considered polished and deceiving. (Sutherland, 1940) Difference between white-collar and other types of crime is that white-collar crimes create distrust, which lowers public confidence and produces social inadequacy. (Sutherland, 1940) Another difference is that other type crimes are handled by policemen, prosecutors, and judges, with punitive sanctions (i.e. fines, incarceration, and capital punishment). (Sutherland, 1940) There are either no action or law suits for damages in regards to white-collar crimes. (Sutherland, 1940) Also, there may be regulatory sanctions in the structure of warnings, orders to cease and desist, and loss of license. (Sutherland, 1940)Only in severe matters are fines or prison sentences accessed. (Sutherland, 1940) White-collar criminals do not consider themselves to be real criminals. (Sutherland, 1940) Characteristics of white-collar criminals are that they have lawful and respectable careers; they are men of associations, experience,...

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