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White Australian Policy Essay

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The White Policy in Australia
Immigration constitutes the social and history of Australia and it will also change them. According to Ward, immigration is the action of foreigners passing or coming into a country for the purpose of permanent residence and immigration is made for many reasons, such as economic, political, family re-unification, natural disaster, poverty or the wish to change one's surroundings voluntarily. The Australian government enacted some laws in 1901 called white Australia policy that prevent non-white immigrations from coming to Australia(Castles & Miller, 2003). In the 1850s, at that time, large amounts of Chinese were attracted to Australia by the gold rush. At ...view middle of the document...

21% of the whole Australian population. Therefore, the white Australia policy seemed to have a strong influence in Australia’s immigrations. In 1966, the number of Australia’s people who are not come from European and half-breed people increased to about 56000 (0.43% in Australia) (Zhang, 2003).This essay will state reasons for the establishment and abolishment of Australia’s white policy in the 20th century and it will also argue that it is necessary for Australia to abandon the white policy.

The main reason for the use of the white Australia policy might be racism, culture conflicts and social competitions. First of all, in 1901 most of the staffs in Australian government were Caucasians and some of them were racists and they prefer to use immigration controls to produce a largely British society by denying non-white immigrants’ entry to Australia (Bilodeau & Fadol, 2011).Bruce Smith who was a member of Parliament in Australia said that the government had no desire to see that large amounts of low-class Indian, Chinese and Japanese coming into Australia, but it is necessary to let the educated class immigrants (mostly European immigrants) coming into this country. (Smith, 1973)Not only the government’s staffs think that, but also most public people in Australia at that time think so. John Forrest, who was Western Australian premier and future federal cabinet member, said that they cannot ignore the fact that there is a strong feeling from all over Australia against the introduction of colored persons, in a word, Australia should only admit white people. It was certain that they did not like to talk about it, but it was so. (Willoughby, 2006)Beside that, the present of rival French and German Empires and the huge populations of the undemocratic and non-Christian Asian Empires of ChinaJapan, and other colored people in the Pacific, made them anxious as to how the such small number of European (mostly British) population of Australia could preserve its culture and purity, so they have to set laws to prevent colored people from coming to this country(Zhang, 2011).Such factors may led to the passage of the Immigration Restriction Act in 1901, one of the first Acts of the national parliament following federation.(Lewis, 2006) It is the beginning of the white Australia policy. Furthermore, the arrival of lots of immigrants can cause some culture conflicts which may also contribute to the establishment of white Australia policy. This kind of phenomenon keeps going with Australia as long as multicultural society exists. Even in the recent years there are some violent happen such as the so-called curry bashing event which was a serious of conflicts between Indians and white people in 2010 (Zhang, 2011). Every nation has its own habit of living and some normal habits in a number of special races may be strange in other nations. Some Australian dislike that even in the late 20thcentenary. Pauline Hanson was a politician in Australia and was widely...

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