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Whistleblower Essay

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SUBJECT: Are We Safe?

In this situation where it is more than apparent that there is a disregard for safety at the workplace I would move forward and file a complaint with my company “Wooden”. I would only do this step to prove that I did go ahead and try to go through the proper channels at my workplace. Based on the responses of the Tony Lord (Owner) and management team which includes Jason Rhine (Safety Coordinator), Alex Riveria (Area Manager) it would be obvious that they do not consider the sparks or the level of dust to be hazardous and would not try to correct the situation. Seeing that they would not change the situation I would go ahead and file a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
Having to file a complaint within the company, especially with such negative responses would more than likely cause job hardship. This would be because the company might feel as though I ...view middle of the document...

This is obviously a situation that as an employee of ten years I know can turn into a bad situation quickly. One good thing about filing a complaint to OSHA is that it can be anonymous could help with potential job hardships since the company would not be able to prove that I was the one that had filed an external complaint.
I do feel as though this would be considered whistle blowing because I am filing a complaint to an agency outside of my company. I have used my internal channels to have the moral motivation to prevent the company from continuing on making illegal actions in the workplace. This would be a morally justified situation because attempts to correct the situation internally have been made and the corrections were not done. It is now the company’s decision to disregard the safety of the employees and have them be working in imminent danger. OSHA allows you to file a complaint about working in unsafe conditions that place you in imminent danger as long as you have tried to go through the proper channels in advance. OSHA’s definition of imminent danger is the following: "any conditions or practices in any place of employment which are such that a danger exists which could reasonably be expected to cause death or serious physical harm” immediately or before the imminence of such danger can be eliminated through the enforcement procedures otherwise provided by this Act. (Administration, 2012)
As a long term employee that feels that the company has gone too far with its lackadaisical safety concerns for the employees, it is now more than ever time to get the situation rectified. After having an employee inform you that their machine is sparking which could be an ignition source and management saying they would not even think about cleaning until the following month is a lack in job safety and employee concern. Although this would potentially cause an upset within the company it is more important to be able to work comfortably in a safe environment. Having the option to file a complaint anonymously would also help in making the decision to move forward and past the internal environment to get the situation looked into.

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