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Which Heroine Do You Prefer And How Do Events Throughout The Books

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Which heroine do you prefer and how do events throughout the books
affect your opinion of them - Bridget Jones and Emma.

Which heroine do you prefer and how do events throughout the books
affect your opinion of them.

The two heroines, Bridget Jones and Emma are obviously quite different
in their attitudes to love and society as a whole. However, I think
that in ways they are both likeable characters. The events that occur
through the novels have an effect on the reader's opinions of the
heroines and can weaken or strengthen these opinions. Austen and
Fielding both use humour in the books well which is probably why the
heroines are both seen as being comical at times or as is the case in
'Bridget Jones' Diary', more often than not.

In Jane Austen's novel 'Emma', the heroine Emma is introduced to the
reader at the very beginning of chapter 1. We instantly form an
opinion of Emma as she is described as,

"handsome, clever and rich, with a comfortable home and happy ...view middle of the document...

However, the reader is often told of Emma as being a compassionate
character by the way she talks about Mr Weston, but this could also be
viewed as quite patronising as well,

"Mr Weston is such a good-humoured, pleasant, excellent man, that he
thoroughly deserves a good wife"

I then began to feel that Emma believed the matchmaking was for her
friend's benefit and not herself. Although she did speak in
patronising way about Mr Weston I do not think Emma realised how often
she made it seem that she felt herself superior to her friends by
patronising them. Emma could also be described as naïve or foolish.
She often involves herself too much in the lives of other and
consequently tries to force relationships that were never meant to be,
such as that between Mr Elton and Harriet Smith. By doing this Emma
causes Harriet to become heartbroken when Mr Elton rejects her, which
could be viewed by the reader as a little obtuse and selfish on Emma's
part, which could make us dislike her.

I found it quite humorous that Emma never appeared to realise that Mr
Elton, whom she had tried to match make with Harriet Smith was
actually in love with her rather than Harriet. Emma also failed to
notice that the only man who saw her faults and ever pointed them out,
Mr Knightley, is in love with her and had been for some time. I think
that Austen is mocking Emma by including this because it seems as
though Emma is so involved in other people's lives, she fails to
notice the attention Mr Knightley gives her as being his way of
showing his affection for her. It also seems very ironic that the only
man Emma ever flirted with was engaged to another woman, he was the
first man in the book that Emma had ever expressed her feelings of
love or attraction to which was why it was ironic.

I thought that Emma was subconsciously in love with Mr Knightley
throughout the book and it became evident that this was true when I
read her reaction to hearing that Harriet had strong feelings for Mr
Knightley. She finally allowed herself to let the affection she had
for him out and to realise them after so long.

"She was most sorrowfully indignant, ashamed of every sensation but
the one revealed to her - her affection for Mr Knightley".

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