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Which Country Deserves More Blame For Its Role In The Cold War

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. Which Country Deserves More Blame For Its Role In Starting The Cold War: The Soviet Union Or The United States? Your Discussion Should Focus On the First Decade of the Cold War from 1945.In This Essay You Need To Construct a Compelling Case That Blame Should Be Apportioned Primarily To One Side
The cold war was a proxy war between America and Soviet Union .It dominated international affairs for decades and many major crises occurred-the Cuban missile crises, Vietnam War, Korean War and the Berlin war being just some (Hobsow 1994, p .226). Over the past century historians have been debating on which country deserves more blame for its role in starting the cold war. Historians known as ...view middle of the document...

America’s foreign policy was inherently imperialistic it needed foreign markets for investment purposes in order for it to survive. Hence it could on achieve it aggressive demands for business markets by controlling the East .This could only be achieved by eliminating communism (William 1959, p.219).This provoked the soviets because according to the Yalta conference eastern Europe was Stalin sphere of influence (Claunch & Ann 2008, p.48)) hence resulting in the Soviets responding to this action .Thus because of this situation creating a cold war between the two.

America’s reaction toward Soviets expansionism can be blamed for starting the cold war .America overreacted to Soviet Union expansionist policy. Soviet Union was only looking for a national interest and a way to boost its economy due to the damage it had experienced during the Second World War. Furthermore according to Williams (1959, p.219) Stalin was more concerned with Soviet security and a creation of soviet sphere of influence in Eastern and Central Europe rather than domination of world power and aggressive ambitions towards Western Europe. The spread of communism according to Wolk (1968, p.434) presented little threat to the Americans this is because nationalism and self-interest, not communist ideology, are what drives a state to act. However America misinterpreted and overreacted to soviets actions and saw it as aggressive and introduced the policy of containment and the domino theory. This theory said if one country fell to communism then another would follow. The containment policy was aimed to prevent the spread of communism using military, economic, and diplomatic strategies. This policy threatened Soviets sphere of influence and indicated the emergence of a new challenge to the soviets. This then led to the start of the cold war (Gaddis &Lewis 1973, p.388).
America’s doctrine known as the Truman Doctrine initiated by President Harry Truman can also be blamed for starting the cold war. The Truman doctrine was a declaration by President Harry Truman that the United States foreign policy would use intervention to support people who allied with the United States against external subjugation (Kelgley &Blaton 2010, p.80).According to (Richard 1972, p.387) the American doctrine was a challenge to soviets ambitions throughout the whole world. The Soviet saw the Truman doctrine as a political weapon. They claimed that the declaration of the this doctrine meant that the United States Government had moved toward a direct rejection of the principles of international collaboration and concentrated action by the great Powers toward attempts to enforce its will on other independent states, while at the same time evidently using the economic resources distributed as relief to individual needy nations as an tool of political pressure. This they said was evidently proved by the actions taken by the United States Government with regard to Greece and Turkey which ignore and avoid the...

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