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Which Are The Causes Of Alcoholism?

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For example, people who have alcoholic parents are three times more vulnerable to becoming alcoholics. Furthermore, people who have a genetic disposition to alcoholism are more likely to begin drinking at an earlier age. Ultimately, alcohol dependence increased the sensitivity to the pleasure, produced by the effects of alcohol. In fact, alcohol dependent patients feel a wonderful calm from the very first time they drink alcohol. Moreover, alcohol dependent patients show pain relief, analgesia, after having drunk a small dose of alcohol. Therefore, biological factors are very important at the moment when a person becomes alcoholic.

Likewise, family environmental factors are very common at the time to develop alcoholism. First, people have many problems at home. Due to, parents are always abusing their children. Also, discussions are always the way to communicate between the members of the family. Lastly, parents are not a good model for children. As an example, parents are always drinking and they do not care about their children. In addition, they are always showing domestic violence in front of the kids. As a result, people become alcoholic because it is a way to get out of their family problems.

Another cause is the Social factor that can drive people to alcoholism. Certainly, People have a lot of peer pressure. In fact, they drink to feel part of the...

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