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Where To Live Essay

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Where will you live? Most everyone will ask that question at some-point in his or her life. Will it be the urban life of the big city, filled with its tall buildings, loud neighborhoods, busy streets, and never-ending projects? It might be that that is more than one might want if that is the case, there is the serenity of the suburbs, which offer spacious housing, peaceful surroundings, fresh air, and plenty of nature. Both urban and suburban areas offer people different choices in lifestyles, from the houses and communities they live in, to the noise and activities around them.
The cost and size of housing differ greatly from the inner city's high-rise apartments or houses, to those of a ...view middle of the document...

In the city, most people will be living in apartments and their neighborhood is the companies and other apartment buildings on their block. If one is lucky enough to find a house in the city they are usually so close to one another that one could go from the window in their house to the window of their neighbor's house without touching the ground. In the suburbs, though, houses have space between them, usually divided by a large yard and a fence, and in some cases can be miles apart, depending on how much privacy a person wants. Surrounding areas of communities will also be vastly different, form the high rises and companies of the concrete jungle, to the grass, trees, and rolling hills of the suburbs.
Another factor one should consider in choosing urban living, or suburban living is the noise. If it is a calm, quiet night after a hard day at work one is looking for, then the city is not where you want your home to be. The 2012, United States Census Bureau, shows that 82% of the American population lives in urban areas. With such a large amount of people living in such a small area, urban living can be extremely loud. Besides people, there are also companies and factories, some of which run 24-hours a day, non-stop cars, and trains going back and forth. And then there is the never-ending sound of sirens coming from the emergency vehicles on their way to crimes, fires, accidents, and other such. The suburbs offer an atmosphere filled peaceful sounds, seldom will one hear constant traffic, and screaming people. Instead, sound would be that of nature, such as birds and crickets, the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, or a nearby stream or creek.
Both urban and suburban areas offer a variety of activities, how often one chooses to use those activities, may help in deciding where one lives. The inner city offers fast food to...

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