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Where Needs Rebranding The Most? Essay

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From the results I have acquired, I have come to a conclusion that Dover is in need of rebranding the most. Their prominent age group is 60+, this can suggest that the area doesn’t attract the younger/middle ages that tend to work within the secondary and tertiary industry. This means that the business sector is suffering from deprivation and high vacancy numbers which can lead to deindustrialisation. Although Dover have prominent age group of 60+, the crime rate for ‘No. of crimes per 1000’ is at 99 and the ‘No. of burglaries per 1000’ is at 6, these two figures are quite high considering Dover is a rural/sub-urban area, this can suggest people have a lot of time and less to spend. The ...view middle of the document...

of burglaries per 1000’ is at 6, these two figures are quite high considering Dover is a rural/sub-urban area, this can suggest people have a lot of time and less to spend. The prominent age of 60+ can explain why the ‘% 5+ A* -C GCSE’s’ is lowest of all areas at 74%, but it could suggest that the educational facilities are poor. Dover’s housing prices were 2nd highest in the list of areas, I presume the housing prices are set from the elderly who have established (owned) houses for a number of years, this means anyone out-migrating into the area will find it difficult to pay for a mortgage and own a house. To conclude, Dover could fall into a vicious cycle of poverty, unless rebranding occurs to attract more business to the area and more people (residents/tourist), but on the other hand the residents may like the idea that it doesn’t attract large business and tourist.

From the results I have acquired, I have come to a conclusion that Dover is in need of rebranding the most. Their prominent age group is 60+, this can suggest that the area doesn’t attract the younger/middle ages that tend to work within the secondary and...

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