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Where Does The "Need To Know" End?

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The value we place onto a politician's private life has a direct relationship towards the way he governs his office. As a society, we're so not in touch with politics that the only time we know of a politician's way about, is when he has been caught "having fun." Our politician's private life is more important to some of us than the constitution that governs our lives. For some reason, we seem to pay more attention to the media when the issue that is being discussed involves a politician being caught having an affair than when it involves politics.
We are imperfect beings having a loving experience; the result of our relationship will depends on how we balance our imperfection with our ...view middle of the document...

Why a politician must behave in a manner that suits the public opinion is understandable. However, any politician who must resign for reasons that does not affect the way in which he governs his office proved as a society we focus our attention on issues that doesn't contribute to progress.
Now, what has come in mind is perhaps an idea that is not clear to most but when we say “personal lives of politicians” to what degree of personal are we most concern with. If we're goring to debate this issue we must be clear as to where we stand, especially if we must limit broadcasting our politicians private lives.
Not too long ago, former president Bush senior's wife, Barbara Bush underwent an open heart surgery. An extremely risky procedure and considering her age, it was unlikely to have predicted a good outcome. The former president shared some tears over this, something that should not have been broadcast. This moment was a family matter and should have remained so, but somehow the media felt as though it was necessary to broadcast it. It is true that Barbara Bush is an important figure in American history but that doesn't permit us to broadcast Bush senior's personal moment. As a society, we would have been just as satisfied had we known she was okay without the media broadcasting the personal tears from a past presidential leader.
It is obvious to us all that the media will broadcast what ever issue they feel that would increase their rating. Well then, since the media has absolute power to broadcast whatever they wish is appropriate, why then are we debating...

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