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When Traditional School Is Compared To Homeschooling, Which Prevails To Promote A Strong Sense Of Community

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Imagine yourself a child again: you've already shopped for your new shoes (you got the ones that light up when you walk), a new shirt, new pants, the new backpack with some pencils (number 2) already sharpened, and you're in the car heading to what could be, what you're hoping to be, a great day of school. Excitement sits close to anxiety, your mom offers to walk you to your class but you decline; you wonder what your classes will be like, where you'll sit, who'll you'll meet, what you'll eat, and all- all of it- coming down to that reoccurring motif of: how to fit in, how to fit in, how to fit in? But now we're talking about public school. What about the 1.1 million kids that stay at home ...view middle of the document...

(homeschool) So why doesn't every one home school? This question can most easily be answered by the fact that home schooling is not an option readily available to all. (McTighe, Joe) Home schooling is demanding, and requires parents who are active, persistent and have a significant amount of time to play both the teacher and the bill payer. Kids who go to traditional school easily do so because both their parents go to work from nine to five, just to put dinner on the table. For these types of families it is often hard for the mom or dad to create room to help the child in his/her studies, and the idea of home school is not within view. Predominantly, it is seen that kids who do home school, have the parents who meet the above criteria. When these parents turn to home school for their child, they no longer have reasons to support school boards, show up at PTA meetings, and more over take part in the development of community education. Without their kid going to traditional school, the initial reason for going to such meetings is lost. The cycle can be seen like this: child goes to public school, parent engages in activities that would allow them say in the school board, kid goes to homes school, parents have no reason to participate. Additionally, they no longer have the time to be involved; lesson plans and teaching fill their day. Now let's recap: when a student leaves traditional education it is not only the student who is leaving but also the student's parents and their time and energy. Now these strong voices which held influence in the school board are no longer heard, taking a piece away from every student's overall development. Areas in public education which need to be discussed simply fall between the cracks without the plangent voices of those parents who were motivated to make change. Their tenacity is directed in a single track lane toward the success of one, to the success of a son or daughter. Although, these compelled parents may have just been speaking up in board meetings with the intent to have the best for their child, their engagement none the less has a ripple affect and from their pursuit to better education for their child, does so for everyone else's.Just as easy as home school takes away from community, it can also be one of the leading proponents to social capitol. According to Robert Putnam school is one of the leading factors to social capitol, but why would home school contribute more to community? Homeschool students are improving at faster rates then their traditional school counterparts; there progress can be marked in national spelling/geography bees as well as standardized testing. (Neal, Andre) This kind of higher education could lay the foundation for a more developed community. It can be seen that those who excel in school are the ones who are more engaged. This deeper engagement to schooling could lead them to more profitable jobs, so they can in turn give back to community. So in conclusion the idea is...

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