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When The Mind Is A Wonderland

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I am totally all over the place tonight, not in a bad way—yet at least, but pondering, wondering, thinking, bouncing things all around in my head.
I used to believe a beautiful creature merited more compassion than an ugly one, but I suppose that idea has been challenged in the last 4 months and I no longer believe that…
So it’s like anniversary time of the year….What is it with this time of the year that it seems everything is a remembranceof things past, fear of what negative thing is to come this year etc..etc.. The last Sunday in October was when Loren Rebecca shot herself – of course, that’s been years ago, I was 15, but yeah, still--the weather that makes me think of that day, or ...view middle of the document...

I have this weird obsession with this psychiatrist on youtube.. he’s fascinating to me and all his video blogs, I suppose they are called…DOCTOROFMINDMD He is oddly interesting, yet is voice is soothing, yet I can’t imagine him being a psychiatrist, yet.. I love how he explains things.. hum cool
I love with I find new musician -two new female musician (not in the girl crush sort of way, which I need a good girl crush again, haven’t had one in a while) Kate Campbell and Allison Moorer…. Kate’s CD “Wandering Stranger “ is so lulling and pure --- Allison’s, well, her version of “Ring of Fire” almost brought tears to my eyes. Allison’s dad killed her mom then killed himself – so I have this huge respect for her turning tragedy into triumph. I love being around people like that.. I want to soak up their knowledge, learn what it is/was that made them thrive while others just gave up. I listen to most anything music wise, but what moves my soul and can make me swell up inside is singer songwriter/folk-esk type music. I think because it’s honest, pure, it’s real—from the heart of...

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