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When Its All Unravelled Poetry Essay

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When It’s All Unravel
Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem titled, “Sympathy” is an exceptionally memorable and boisterous poem. This poem alludes to the pain that the African American people felt while imprisoned by slavery. Then the poem speaks of African American’s being emancipated, yet still suffering from being deprived of their equal rights and racism. Though this poem serves a significant purpose within the world, the way in which Dunbar wrote this poem is very appealing to the eyes of not only poets but to all readers. “Sympathy” consists of three stanzas and in each stanza there is a rhyming pattern of ABCCBAA, ABAABAA, ABCCBAA, which makes it a little easier for one to understand. ...view middle of the document...

This is yet another metaphor of living freely and being in control of ones own path that African Americans could not do or have. However though a caged bird does not get to enjoy life’s natural gifts, admiring it from a distance makes the desire to be free magnified. That desire of a caged bird is the same of the African American people in the 19th and 20th century. Though, most of the African Americans worked outside in fields they still couldn’t enjoy the little nature they did see. Legally African Americans were not considered their own person, it was as if they were animals yet they still did not get the freedom that animals have. Eventually African Americans gained their independence from their slave owners but unfortunately they were still not completely free.
When African Americans were finally emancipated they were continuously being deprived of their equal rights and facing racism on a daily basis. Which is why in the second stanza where it says, “I know why the caged bird beats his wing, [t]ill its blood is red on the cruel bars,” is symbolic to African Americans fighting for their equal rights and continuously being wounded from trying to break down the barriers between the black and white America. As Dunbar goes on he speaks of all of the very old wounds that African American people still had because of repressed memories and the loss of freedom that can never be paid-back. The memories of those scars caused...

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