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When Information Systems Mislead |
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AT&T was once the parent company the Bell System. In 1984, Bell System was forced to divest there company into eight smaller companies, in reaction to the United States versus AT&T Anti-Trust suit. As a result of the ...view middle of the document...

A Time Study and Motion project is a business efficiency technique. Time Study and Motion projects can help to reduce the number of movements needed to complete a task or adjust allotted times given to perform a job. Simply put, taking a sample of a day in the life of a technician while they are performing their work. Motion study improves methods. It measures distance or how much you move to perform a work task at normal speed and how much work you get done in a period of time. With Time studies standards can be established. It looks at the median time it takes an average employee to complete the same task. This will enable the organization to pinpoint the productivity and efficiency short comings. Conducting a Time study and Motion project can be an overwhelming undertaking. With the number of time studies needed, the variety of the studies needed to be performed, and the need for a quick turnaround, a regular stopwatch method wouldn’t work. AT&T looked to Quetech’s for a software solution.
Quetech Ltd. is a leading software development company specializing in industrial engineering measurement and other productivity improvement software solutions. There version of Time and Motion study is called Workstudy+. (Quetech)
Workstudy+ makes time and motion studying easier with the use of a handheld device that displays an organized set of task associated with the work type. (Quetech) Below is a sample of a typical handheld device and display:

Diagram provided by Quetech Ltd.
One of the many ways in which AT&T plans on using Workstudy+ is in the U-Verse installation process. AT&T is planning a major rollout of U-Verse across the nation in selected areas. Workstudy+ will be used to perform the Time and Motion study. Actual work tasks and technician movements will be separated to get a better reading of how long a work process takes. This information will assist in finding the efficiency short comings. The data that Workstudy has provided AT&T has led to the development of a system called Engineered Service Measure or plainly put ESM.
Developed Applications
ESMs’ are scientifically derived times that it should take to perform a measurable element of a given task using approved methods, exercising normal skills, exerting normal effort, and working under normal conditions. AT&T used the ESM data to develop a Management system and Operating control or MSOC.
MSOC seeks to combine process management, work measurement, management controls and people development. MSOC uses the same techniques as Lean which is a production system. Lean seeks to improve and speed up production by eliminating quantifiable waste as far as production is concerned and Six Sigma, which is a business management strategy. Six Sigma improves the quality of process output by identifying and removing the causes of errors in variability in manufacturing and business processes. But MSOC adds performance management at the individual level...

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