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Running head: WHEN I GET OLD


When I Get Old Janice Johnson SOC304 – Social Gerontology Dr. Elaine Alden October 26, 2014

Running head: WHEN I GET OLD When I Get Old There are conflicting ideas about what to expect as we get older. Will we be able to keep growing our gardens, be able to keep our present jobs or will the younger generation take our


freedom and pride from us. Our text states that no matter how old you are, child or adult, that we are told to “act our age” because societies have a social system that is considered to be normal (Markson & Stein, 2012). It is getting harder to think of a norm for saying someone is old now because we are living longer and for ...view middle of the document...

They were primed to think that they were objective or biased in hiring a younger or older person. Most would still prefer the younger person even if the older applicant had more experience. After all results were counted it was found a decision makers

Running head: WHEN I GET OLD intentions to be objective ends up being ineffective as their preferences still lean toward the younger applicant (Linder, Nosek & Graser, 2012). Discrimination does not just come in the form of pushing someone out of their jobs after reaching a certain age. There are times when an older person can’t receive medical treatment because someone says the person is too old to benefit from it (Sargeant, 2011). My mother was diagnosed with level 4 cancer when she was 87 years old. Her doctor told us that normally he would tell his older patients to go home and he would do his best to keep them comfortable. My mother on the other hand, although she was “old”, was a vibrant and active person yet and the doctor saw with my sisters and me that she had a lot of support. He did surgery on her, and said he hoped he could give her another five years. Well, we had her for seven more years and up to


her last six months she was still able to care for herself, go shopping, etc. Her mind stayed active up to the end, never forgetting who we were or where she was. She was the pride of the doctor’s office and everyone admired her. If there were to be a “death panel”, people like her would not have the chance to continue their life just because someone else says they aren’t worth the money it takes for the help. This is because doctors and whoever makes these decisions consider the care as a drain on resources and a burden to the system (Sargeant, 2011). If the government wants to start regulating this aspect we should fight against it and at least let the persons doctor decide what is the best way to proceed. This kind of discrimination is criminal and cruel. Diseases As a human being grows older there are many changes in their body. The cells in the body of an aging person begin to slow down and they don’t work like they do when you are younger. They don’t produce the chemicals that make the cells stronger; the cells don’t divide as well to make new cells that are needed but it appears that these cells are made to be programmed to get old and die (Sabbagh & Weitz, 1984). Everyone ages at different stages and are able to continue

Running head: WHEN I GET OLD activities as these stages occur. One of the diseases that many people get is arthritis but as it shows in the film Pinetop Perkins (95) at Notodden Blues festival 2008 with the 95 year old playing music and singing, this does not affect everyone (Fergos2, 2008, Aug. 4). As we age we can help ourselves by staying active and exercising keeping our muscles toned and stay out of the sun to reduce wrinkling. Yet another normal part of aging is the fact that when we take a


deep breathe we only get half of the useful...

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