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When A Romantic Relationship Turns Ugly

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When a Romantic Relationship Turns Ugly

Love is the central focus of a romantic relationship but the relationship can often turn sour and ugly when partners experience negative emotions. Many obstacles hinder a relationship from becoming successful such as being unfaithful, lack of communication and the inability to compromise. All these components can potentially hurt a relationship, however, from my personal experience jealousy (a combination of hurt, anger and fear) is one of the most dangerous threats that can ultimately end a relationship. The lyrics in “Everything I’m not” by the Veronicas depict that romantic partners hold negative emotions towards one another when they are ...view middle of the document...

” We can rationalize that having a secure attachment style is associated with much greater commitment, honesty and satisfaction for a long lasting romantic relationship.
“Everything I’m not” describes the perspective of a woman who no longer wishes to be with a man because he is not only unfaithful to her but is also forcing her to live as someone else. The lyrics “I was losing myself to somebody else but now I see,” is a courageous statement that explains how the woman realizes that she almost lost her identity and character because of someone else. She realizes that she does not want to be depicted and seen as someone she isn’t is, yet at the same time she can’t help but compare herself to the other woman that her partner was emotionally or physically involved with.
Most, if not all women become increasingly more jealous if their man is becoming emotionally involved with a different woman. Being envious of someone else is different than feeling jealousy. Someone may be envious when they seriously want what others have such as physical attractiveness or wealth, while that same person may be jealous when someone threatens to take away a significant person from them. People with an insecure attachment style constantly fear the relationship will end and are more concerned about emotional infidelity. On the other hand, securely attached people tend to have positive opinions of their romantic relationships and are successful with their relationships.
Jealousy is the product of threats to attachment of relationships according to psychologists Don Sharpsteen and Lee Kirkpatrick. The ways in which people experience and express jealousy are related to the different attachment styles every individual possesses. “Anxious participants are relatively more likely than others to resist expressing their anger. Differences in attachment style, not just differences in the level of security, are predictive of qualitative individual differences in jealousy experiences…” (Sharpsteen). Thus, infidelity occurs because individuals who exhibit certain insecure attachment styles such as anxious, tend to become overly dependent on their partners.
The importance of gender role is also...

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