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Wheels To The Freedom Essay

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The wheels of freedom

The bicycle was the rhythm of life for the people of china. Bicycles were used as means of transport. It is mentioned in the article that “China is a country with only few thousand privately owned cars, but on the other hand they have 220 million bicycles- vastly more than any other nation”. China did have buses, subway, train, and taxi to transport but mostly people prefer to paddle (ride their bicycle) to work, school or, anywhere they go. “Bicyclist carried messages from university to university”. Importance of bicycle in China. On the other hand North Korea the capital of China banned the usage of bicycle.
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They even make luxurious bicycles with leather seats, stainless steel. People have being riding bicycles from 1940s, and so if the bicycle gets old there are specially people who fixes it. It is mentioned in the article that people who fixes the bike make more than a professor. So just imagine how old the bike would be.
For women in North Korea, the bicycle was the only mean of transport that they had to carry children, go to work bring food from marketplace etc. But Later on “Cycling for women was banned in 1996 because the activity wasn’t regarded as sufficiently feminine by the male-dominated North Korean regime.” North Korea banned the use of bicycle because “They think people get more independence by riding bicycle”. It is mentioned in the article that, “ The Chinese have long been trying to convince the North Koreans to reform their stagnant state controlled economy in the same way China did 20 years ago.
The law was being changed on 17 august 2012, women’s were finally allowed to ride bicycles. But after less than a year on 15th January 2013 it was illegal for women’s to ride bicycle (overturned the law). North Korea have not only stopped women using bicycle, but also banned them from riding on the backs of the bicycle and placed a weight limit on the luggage that can be placed on them. Prior to the lifting the ban, women caught on bicycle were subject to 2000- 5000 won fines. Now, their bikes are being unconditionally confiscated. As mentioned in the article this time the issue is “The authorities don’t like the flapping skirts. The ban is expected to be quite burdensome, however, as North Koreans have few other transportation options.
Getting more independence by riding bicycle. One of the biggest reason why North Korea banned riding bicycle was people getting more independence. How fast can a person riding bicycle go, compare to any other vehicle? Riding bicycle and still being on time is not violating freedom...

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