What Were The Reasons Which Caused Qing Dynasty To Fall? And Why Is That Important?

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Dong Won Moon
Ms. Jana Russ
World Civilizations: China
23 July 2009
What were the reasons which caused Qing Dynasty to fall? And why is that important?
What was the opportunity that does China got a foothold in modernization? What is the last Kingdom of the history of China? The Qing dynasty was the last kingdom ever lasted in Chinese history. In fact, the fall of the Qing dynasty facilitated modernization of China, however there were three main reasons which caused collapse of Qing dynasty: Empress Dowager Cixi, Opium war and rebellions during Qing period.
First, who is Empress Dowager Cixi? As the textbook “CHINA: A Cultural, Social, and Political History” by Patricia Buckley ...view middle of the document...

215). The opium war left cruel outcome which was the other reason Qing Dynasty got destructed.
The last thing that made Qing Dynasty to fall was the rebellions between Qing periods, especially “Taiping rebellion”. Textbook by Ebrey said, after the Opium War, the Qing Dynasty faced the most destructive rebellions in world history, the Taiping Rebellion (p.218). It also stated the fact that various 20 to 30 million people got lost their lives during the period, and as the fact showed after the rebellion the devastation wreaked both Taipings’ campaigns and the Qing campaigns to suppress them was horrendous (p. 218-219). So as mentioned above, Qing gradually lost their power which ends up with fall of the Qing.
There is still debating on the China’s land issue by Hans who is actual Chinese. It is kind of ironic that the Hans never had ruled entire land of China and the Manchu ruled the largest land area in Chinese history. The fall of Qing Dynasty was pretty interesting issue that it actually gave China to get a foothold in to now days China, even though the processes were harsh.

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Ebrey, Patricia Buckley. China. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2005. Print.
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Dong Won Moon
Ms. Jana Russ
World Civilizations: China
23 July 2009
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