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What Ways Do Genre Change Over Time

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Do film genres change over time? The word genre is derived from the French meaning for "˜type' or "˜kind'. Genre is used as a concept to classify particular styles or types of texts by identifying common elements that are exhibited in films. It is also applied as an analytical device, used within the context of a text to establish typical characteristics and generic features displayed in texts. Genre is a powerful and effective tool. It is used by filmmakers as a framework for a successful and winning formula to create a movie that will induce audience pleasure. Filmmakers want the narrative of a film to be instantly attractive and recognisable, they do not want to waste any time ...view middle of the document...

The genre relied heavily on urban legends for its thematic and plot issues. The plot of the film normally concerned monsters, vampires or zombies. The film Frankenstein depicts the traditional conception of a horror film. All of the elements of the film use concepts and conventions of typical a horror film, the geographic location, stock characters and iconography, all reinforce this genre.However the new wave of contemporary horror films such as the Scream Trilogy, run away from the orthodox traditional horror film and is a clear example of the change in the horror genre over time.Teenage protagonists and cast members is the new type of standard characters. The location is a quite small Serbian American town and is a contrast to the typical setting for a horror film. The killer in Scream films is not a standard super-human monster and doesn't require a major weapon to destroy it. The reason for this sudden transformation in genre is partly due to the studio makers, however the primary factor is the new audience with an average age of 15 to 25. This audience profile wants films that they can relate to. The scream films uses intertexuality via utilising irony and plays with signature scenes from conventional horror films as a source of humour for the audience. Changes in censorship regulations also contribute to the change in genre. There is an increase in horror slasher films, there is more blood shown on camera and more violent scenes. In comparison with a traditional horror film such as "˜Psycho' do not show the knife penetrating the victim, in contrast with "˜Scream 2', which does.Rather than change, the Western genre has evolved into a genre that contrasts the early...

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