What Was The Short Term Significance Of The Purges On Russian Government And Society

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What was the short term significance of the purges on Russian government and society?
The Great terror of the USSR impacted its people greatly. For some, although very few, this impact was good. However, for the majority it was a time of despair, poverty and constantly looking over your shoulder. Primary Material has been used to access the short term impact of the purges on society, the government/communist party as well as the military. However, it is potentially limited in it uses as much of the primary data is written with obvious political attitudes and hidden agendas.
Stalin caused political annihilation of the Bolshevik party. After Lenin’s death in 1924, the original party ...view middle of the document...

He controlled all aspects of people’s lives; Culture; careers and jobs, even where they lived (collectivisation).
The physical damage that was inflicted on the Party as a result of the show trials also hurt the political enforcement of Bolshevik ideals in Russian politics. Stalin’s opposition within the party, including Bukharin, Yagoda and Rykov were purged in these show trials, as Stalin manipulatively forced them to confess to crimes of planning a coup and opposing the state, even if there was no proof. Gabor T Rittersporn said, “Many of the victims were sincerely devoted to the principles of Bolshevism.” This amplifies proof that the Bolshevik ideals that had once been the roots of the Communist Party were being disarranged and destroyed by the Purges. The party was depleted and former members helplessly watched Stalin use the great purge as a tool to transform Russia from a one party state to an unchallenged dictatorship. Again, the purges were shattering the framework of the Communist Party, formed during the Bolshevik revolution. This agrees with the “Stalin the executioner” source as both show the manipulative character, that helped the dictator to enhance his grip on Russia’s throat.
The manipulative manner, with which Stalin incriminated his targeted opposition during the purges, in the eyes of everyday Russians, also had an implosive impact on Soviet Society. Stalin was able to collect support from the people through his use of propaganda and the media to help him develop a “cult of personality” and the image of a heroic and brave leader. Through this support Stalin implanted mistrust into the minds of the people, convincing them that traitors of the revolution and what he described as ‘enemies of the people’, were amongst them. This consequently ignited societal warfare,...

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