What Was The One Main Reason Why Rome Ceased Being A Republic And Became An Empire

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“After reading 10 papers by other students – one on each of the assigned books – what was the one main reason why Rome ceased being a Republic and became an Empire? What relevance does this have to modern America? Take the “God and Gold” book into account.”

The Roman Republic was doing well from its beginning in 510 BC: it developed a good form of government: the senate, legislative assemblies and the executive magistrates. It had won a lot of its adjacent territory, and had great leaders. These great leaders brought more quality to the Rome Republic but as other great leaders, some of them wanted more. Human beings have always been driven by ambition; it has always existed and ...view middle of the document...


This kind of ambition can be noted in modern America. The early America had the ambition of conquering land and making it part of America, but this has been long gone. America want to help out every country that it thinks it needs helping, even if the people in it does not think they need helping. In present time, America has learned that it can make many more alliances helping out countries, than trying to conquer them. This has helped America progress much more in terms of trades and their own communications with other lands.


The fear that drove the senators to kill Caesar was spread throughout the people. It has been noted that “With Cesar dead, the Republic had no obvious leader.”4 This fear made the Senate continue on with Caesar’s legacy and appointed Caesar’s great-nephew, Gaius Octavius,

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later known as Augustus5. From here stems the beginning of Rome’s autocratic power6. Augustus brought many advances to Rome7; For example, he was the first Roman Emperor, he made the Second Triumvirate, which was a group of three people (Augustus, Mark Anthony and Marcus Aemilius) that hold the power8. This Second...

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