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What To Upload Essay

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Google is having a big hiring year — its biggest ever, in fact.

This week we spoke with Bryan Power, a people operations manager at Google, for advice on getting hired by the tech giant.

Power oversees sales hiring in the North and South America regions. Previously, he led recruiting for the product management and engineering groups, giving him familiarity with hiring practices in multiple areas of the company.

Paint a Picture, Concisely

Power suggests job seekers — at Google and elsewhere — begin by presenting a picture of what they’ve done in their careers as concisely and precisely as possible. Every word on your resume or profile should count, he says, and job applicants need ...view middle of the document...

“A lot has changed in the last five years, and the next five years will [change] too. We need people who can adapt and take on different challenges.”

Consequently, Google’s recruiters don’t just look at career achievements; they also are keen to know what applicants are accomplishing at school and outside of work. “We’re really looking for people who can make a big impact and do interesting things,” Power says.

When asked if there was a type of person who didn’t fit in at Google, Power noted that applicants who are more concerned with their titles and the number of people they will manage — in essence, those who more concerned with what Google can do for them, rather than what they can do for Google — did not fare as well as those who are interested in the challenges the company is facing and how they can help.

“Google is a very cross-functional, collaborative company. [Those who are concerned with] the territory they are going to own and manage has at times been a signal that they are not going to fit,” Power says. “We’re looking for people who are attracted to the long-term mission at Google, not a stepping stone to the next level in their careers,” he adds.

The Interview

Google’s interviewing process begins with a phone interview, sometimes stretching into several phone calls. Successful candidates are then invited on-site for a set of interviews with four to five members of the group they’re applying for.

Google’s interviewing style is different from most other companies, in which applicants come in and expound upon their resume and...

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