What To Eat When You're Broke Response

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Daphne S. Dela Cruz
HE 150 Section 1
What to Eat when you’re Broke
First off, I would like to honestly say I thought this was some kind of article I would not be interested in and would probably read it without taking any consideration and just winging this summary. But no, as I started reading this article, I realized that I was taking in what the author, Daisy Luther was talking about. She actually answered a bunch of questions that I always had coming and going in my mind about nutritional facts, junk food, healthy food, etc. There were words I did not understand so like what Ms. Sara said, I googled it to have a better understanding of the article. I am really angered at ...view middle of the document...

But now, I’m glad I’m in this class because I learned so much since the start of this semester and I know I’ll learn more throughout the rest of the semester and also, this article is definitely going to help me right now so on in life. So for some of the words that I didn’t understand I did search them up and understood the meanings. The one thing in this article that really caught my eye when I googled the word was aspartame. I could not believe that many, not all but many supposed to be “low calorie” foods and diet drinks are filled with non-calorie artificial sweetener comprised of methanol, phenylalanine and aspartic acid. I researched more about aspartame and it does give health risks/problems such as: cancer, diabetes, physiological disorders, brain damage, seizures, & some others. I learned about the controversies and I have common sense to not believe the aspartame website when it’s supposed to make us believe that it’s healthy when it’s really not. This is another thing America’s government is good at. But I am not Willy Wonka and I don’t sugar coat anything so I have common sense to not believe this mess, I know and seen the comments so other Americans know about this too and have voiced what they said online but, there’s still a bunch of other people that don’t know anything at all about this. As of right now, I learned that both Indonesia and South Africa are leading the world in teaching and prohibiting this chemical. Over a billion...

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