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What To Avoid During An Interview

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During the entire job hunting process, the most significant and tricky stage is the interview. Candidates feel anxious and nervous before and during the interview process and cannot rest unless they have heard back from the company. For some this phone call brings a sense of achievement with the news that they have been selected for the job, but many receive no calls at all conveying that they have failed to land the job. There might be many reasons why a candidate fails to get the job, most of which are related to the interview process. Many candidates are under the impression that they did well in the interview and are devastated when they are ...view middle of the document...

So to make a good impression during the interview you should be there on time. If you fail to do that apologize for the delay and reassure the interviewer that this is not a habitual practice.
Dressing Inappropriately
Dressing right is the most important part of an interview. Assuming that a casual dress might do for your interview is a big mistake. If you have any doubts you can do a little research regarding the company culture and find out what kind of dressing is expected. Nevertheless it is better to be overdressed rather than being underdressed. Also, try to keep the accessories to a minimum so that you look professional.
Being Unprepared
Some candidates show up for an interview without even the slightest preparation and as a result fail to answer any tough questions asked by the interviewer. Not researching about the company you are applying to can also be fatal for the interview. Make sure that when you are appearing for an interview you know what kind of work entails the job that you have applied for and you have a general idea of the company’s background.
Talking Too Much or Too Little
Talking too much or saying next to nothing is also a mistake we have seen during an interview. You should answer a question completely and then let the interviewer proceed to his next one. Blabbering uselessly and interrupting the interviewer creates a bad impression. Similarly, answering the questions in monosyllables and nor elaborating on anything also leaves the interviewer dissatisfied, thus minimizing your chances of getting a job. It is also important to ask important and well thought questions related to the job. Asking silly questions or not asking any questions at all is not the right approach also.
Badmouthing Your Employer
Nothing raises the red flags more than badmouthing your former employer in front of the interviewer as it points towards a lack of professional maturity and failure to take responsibility. Trying to justify your reasons for leaving the previous employer but criticizing him is a bad idea and should be avoided at all costs. Even if your boss actually was a horrible person, there is no need to share that with the interviewer. Keep your reasons for leaving the last job and your views about your previous boss professional.
You should never lie during an interview or provide false information on your resume. If you are qualified and skilled enough for the position you have applied for, you will get the job. If however you feel like you are not qualified for the job then you should not apply in the first place, no matter how desperately you want the job. Lying in the interview certainly diminishes your chances of getting the job. Be open about...

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