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Jasmine D. Kearse
IB Theater

Courage: The Vitamin C of Acting
By: Ruth Kulerman

The author of this article, Kulerman, expresses his thoughts with the statement courage is about daring and about possibilities. I agree to the highest degree about this statement. I am able to relate to this in relation to my IB Theater class. I honestly believe having the courage to step out on a limb and try new things (in terms of acting).
In the article, the author speaks of himself as it relates to him being a student acting coach. He spoke of someone who encouraged him throughout his acting career. This person encouraged the author to leave all negativity and doubts on the stage/audition. ...view middle of the document...

I will attempt to keep a journal such as this in the future.

Jasmine D. Kearse
IB Theater-2nd period Bday

Audition Strategies: Improve your Improv
By: Mark Brandon
This article’s purpose was to inform the reader of improvisational tips to better ones’ skills. Brandon believes successful improvisation depends primarily upon ‘the nonstop, unbroken flow of discussion or activity that constantly takes place between the performers’.
Brandon’s first tip is to NEVER ASK QUESTIONS (you cause a delay of another performer by asking something they have to think about for a couple of second to respond,). His next tip is to NEVER DENY (always accept what another actor implies). Lastly, ALWAYS BUILD (make sure the story line has some sort of substance to lead into a plot).
If one follows these three ‘vital rules’ accordingly … it’s impossible to fail at improving.

Jasmine D. Kearse
IB Theater – 2nd Period

Audition Strategies: Harness the Power of Habit
By: Mark Brandon

Brandon suggests in this brief passage that having a habit, as an actor, to improve your acting skills in one way or another. He suggests writing twelve things you could do to promote yourself or gain work in the acting field. Brandon believes by doing a little each day, over a considerable matter of time, a nice amount of information will have been accumulated.
This is an excellent idea (habit). Habits can lead one down a positive or negative route, with Brandon’s philosophy that ‘most people succeed in achieving extraordinary things not so much because of grand schemes and dreams but more by the accumulative power of daily, constructive habits.

Jasmine D. Kearse
IB Theater – 2nd period Bday

Auditioning and What You Can Expect (Part I)
By: Anthony Smith
According to Anthony Smith, it is difficult to fully comprehend the thoughts in a casting director’s head. This article is written in a way that Smith uses to encourage others to not be fearful in an audition.
In an account of one of his experiences, Smith tells the reader, the casting director casts solely upon his or her own desire. The casting may not cast you simply because of your hair color, the fact that you...

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