What Should We Do Before Starting A Hot Water Boiler

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What should we do before starting a hot water boiler

Hot water boiler,as one kind of motivity equipment of heat energy,is widely used in hotels,schools,communities,enterprises,public institutions,etc.Therefore,the hot water boiler system's operational safety appears to be of particular importance,before starting it,we have many preparations to do,they can be summed up as follows:

The external inspection of hot water boiler

We should ensure that the insulation of furnace wall and other parts is good,supports and hangers are intact and firm,long soot blower is in the exit position,flue gas temperature probe and various parts expansion indicators is intact and correct,lighting is good,fire equipments is complete,and so on.

The internal checking of hot water boiler

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Checking the combustion system of hot water boiler

We should ensure that the thermal insulating of burner is good,no fouling is on the air duct and bellows,oil gun, igniter and electromagnetic valve are intact and good,oil gun and igniter are in the exit position.

Meanwhile,Zhengzhou Boiler Co.,Ltd,as a famous industrial boiler manufacturer in China,also indicates that we should check the steam,water and oil system of industrial hot water boiler to ensure that all security doors and pressure gages are intact and good,drum local water level meter is complete and clear,etc.

The industrial hot water boilers of Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd have the defensive functions of over-temperature,overpressure,water shortage,flameout,and leakage detecting.Pleasure feel free to contact us for more details,best products and service shall always be provided here!

About ZG

As a leading manufacturer of boiler and pressure vessel ,ZG has provided comprehensive boiler and pressure vessel solutions for local and global market, which has passed the ASME certification and ISO certification long time ago,And as known for innovative environmental technology all over the world.With over 60 years of history in R&D and manufacturing of industrial boiler,utility boiler,steam autoclave,AAC Plant,quick opening pressure vessel,ZG help all clients to get higher economic benefits,stronger competitiveness, meantime actively promote environmental protection with partners together.At present,ZG has Leading technology research and development strength in China,with more than 2000 employees who are committed to the R&D and manufacturing ,continuously cooperate with leading university and research institution.


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