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What Should The American Drinking Age Be?

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An ongoing debate in the United States of America consists of what the legal drinking age should be. The question is should the legal drinking age be lowered? The officially permitted age as of now is twenty-one years old. There are many reasons why the drinking age should be changed, and also many reasons why drinking age should remain the same. Americans can vote for our country's president at age eighteen, can go to war at age eighteen, but yet cannot consume alcohol at age eighteen. Alcohol also causes more death than any other substance. Those are just a few things to take into effect when considering the legal drinking age. There are three different viewpoints to take into ...view middle of the document...

Something I had to work for. Statistics among drinkers only show 32% of under age, compared to 24% of legal age, are heavy drinkers (Engs, 1). According to Fox news, a student of Southern Methodist University stated, "It's one of the stupidest laws in America. You can be drafted by your country, go to war -- yet you can't have a beer. You can be tried as an adult -- yet you can't have a beer." This here is a valid point for the simple fact that somebody can possibly make a difference to our country's safety or belief, but cannot have a drink when he/she wants to.Another view, maybe the most collective view, is that legal drinking age of twenty-one should not change. Alcohol has proven to cause more death than any other abused substance. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) stated, "Underage drinking kills six times more teens than all other illicit drugs combined." ( The amount of fatalities caused from alcohol decreased a total of 11% following the new drinking age law that rose the age from eighteen to twenty-one. This goes to show the more irresponsible teens who do not know any better at their young age abuse the substance. Studies have shown alcohol can cause irreversible brain damage to an adolescent drinker. Also, the earlier a youth begins to drink, the more likely those youths will become alcoholics as an adult.The third, and likely the least researched viewpoint, consists of raising the consumption age of alcohol. One possible way to keep alcohol out of the hands of this country's youth is making laws to raise the age. U.S. Senators Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut) and Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) have recently introduced the Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking Act to the...

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