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What's The Big Idea Case Evaluation

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The key problems that BIG will face while transitioning their routine into the home and garden industry are having limited networks, smaller hunts, limited barriers, and a lack of managerial expertise. BIG will struggle to complete their routine hunts and winnowing without a panel of trusted industry experts. In addition, a skilled manager would be required to provide the personality, creativity, and intelligence similar to that which Collins provides within the toy industry. Collins also recognizes that the home and garden industry hunts may be smaller (Christensen & Anthony, p12). BIG’s routine should be analyzed to determine if it needs to be altered to meet the needs of smaller hunts and ...view middle of the document...

All of the managerial tasks will increase the home and garden network, increase barriers through “the human side of business”, and analyze the benefits of the existing routine (Christensen & Anthony, 13).
The main problem impacts a variety of stakeholders. Skil-Bosch was the first company within the home and garden industry to provide a significant portion of the innovation startup funds and then because the lead sponsor of the program. Without a skilled manager to lead BIG’s innovation routine Skil-Bosch will not receive the assumed value of their sponsorship, inventors will not have a fair and superior recourse to present their inventions to, and the staff at BIG would potentially encounter downsizing if the entry into the home and garden industry was unsuccessful.
Prior to BIG implementing its innovative idea to enter the home and garden industry, it should have analyzed its existing routine and determine if it has all of the necessary partners to have a successful transition into the industry. A deal was established with Skil-Bosch prior to identifying if all of its routine component could be met. A key element that helps build and sustain effective networks is key individuals who are able to provide leadership and direction to bring people together for a common purpose (Tidd & Bessant, p157). Collins is their main driver in its toy industry routine, the main outstanding question is who will play that role in the home and garden industry? BIG should not have bypassed all of the steps of creating a new strategy because it already had a successful routine in another industry. When a routine becomes almost “second nature” this represents the negative side of routines (Tidd & Bessant, p82). When a company is too focued on the old ways, they should recognize that it is time for a new routine (Tidd & Bessant, p82). BIG doesn’t necessarily need a new routine but they should completely analyze their current routine against the home and garden industry

There are various approaches that can be taken in resolving BIG’s main problem. First the company can work toward expanding their views of innovation, currently they exhibit a partial view that fails to utilize the creativity of the remainder of employee’s inputs and perspectives to improve innovation (Tidd & Bessant, p78). While Collins is a key player at BIG, it should begin rely more on all of the employees. Associating innovation with only key individual limits the amount of innovative possibilities and puts pressure on the company to find a similar manager to perform that role in order to be successful in the home and garden industry. Another solution that BIG could utilize would be to reevaluate its strategy of moving into home and garden. During BIG’s strategy analysis it determined that the home and garden industry was a big opportunity for its business model (Christensen & Anthony p10-11). BIG made the strategic choice to commit its resources to entering the home and garden industry...

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