What Roles Does A Marketer Do

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Marketers can be seen as the bridge between an organisation and the community; the many roles of a marketer include focusing on the competition, finding out perhaps why consumer chooses their products over yours. Focusing there efforts on understand your customer base for services and product and evolving accordingly, creating new ideas helping expand the growth of a company, creating a brand. Ensuring good internal communication between all departments is well connected. To put it simpler marketer/marketing departments roles in there organisation are to make help make product/service X more appealing to the consumer base then product Z from another organisation (Rob Engelman, March 2007, “What Does A Marketing Department Do”).
Globalisation for a company is a massive step for any organisation. The roots of the first few steps are marketing, a ...view middle of the document...

The key principles of marketing are known as “The Four P’s” also the “Marketing Mix” it’s a classification of the basic principles of marketing know throughout the world used by many companies and agencies. The first “P” is product, wether the product be a good like selling a bottle of water or be it a service in selling the service of a hairdressers. The second “P” is pricing, once an understanding of the product is complete pricing decision can commence, this is factored by supply and demand, competitors etc. The third “P” is promotion, promotion looks at how they can make a product stand out from others that are similar. Promotion includes features like: advertising, public relations, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing and more. The fourth and final “P” is place; it’s all about when and where, putting the product at the right place at the right time, advertising sports energy drinks during a sports game for example, etc. (“The Four Ps of Marketing”, Purely Branded)
In conclusion a marketer role is make product X appear better then product Z, by using the four P’s , understanding there products, finding the best and correct prices, promoting the product in the correct way and placing it in the right atmosphere. Understanding cultural difference when marketing internationally is another role they will take on, helping guide and communicate between all departments, as stated early a marketers role is the bridge between the organisation and the consumer base, connected the two in both party’s best interests.

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