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What Reasons Motivate Latin Americans To Migrate To The United States?

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We know that most newcomers leave behind poverty and unemployment in their homelands in search of better fortunes in America. However, research on this subject suggest that the causes of immigration are often more complex and numerous than most assume. The capacity of natural disasters, environmental crises, overpopulation, wars, and civil unrest to displace and set in motion millions of people around the globe and seek refugee and asylum policies that extend relief to some non-citizens fleeing political, ethnic, religious, and gender persecution. Evaluating the causes of U.S. immigration can reveal a great deal about recent immigrants, their homelands, and America's image abroad.Daniel ...view middle of the document...

Pull factor is when the people are attracted for what they could have in other country, like economic opportunity, better opportunity of to get a career, In general, they want a better life. This is the case of Mexico. When Mexicans immigrants came to the United States, they are looking for better economic life. The exchange value between the dollar and the peso (Mexican coin) is significant, one dollar in the actuality is around eleven pesos with fifty cents, so Mexicans came to the U.S.A. to work, and they usually send the money they earn to their families in Mexico. In some of the cases after a few years, they bring their family to the U.S. for family reunification.In many cases people have both "push" and "pull" motivations to migrate to the United States. This is the case of Cubans. Cubans escape form Cuba looking for political freedom, escaping from Fidel Castro, and looking for a better life and more economic opportunities. On the particular case of Cuba, many people argue the role of Fidel Castro as the oppressing mastermind of the Cuban Revolution. Other people still being supporters of this same revolution. But in any given case this people still fleeing their country.As we can see, both "pull" and "push" factors in most of the cases end with the same phrase "family reunification." Everyone who goes to other country looking for freedom or a better life need more than that, they need a family who share all the good moments with, but someone who wants to live in the United States needs a citizenship or at least a legal residency, or permit in order to do it.Some of the countries have more facilities than others to get the necessary documents to live in the U.S. For example, for Cuba it is easier than for other countries to get the residency. "Until 1985, there was no quota for Cubans entering the United States via normal immigration procedures as there was for other immigrant groups." In the past, both documented and undocumented Cubans who came to the U.S.A. were welcome, "Cuban undocumented entrants have always had special status, while entrants from other countries have been required to demonstrate that they were fleeing political persecution to be granted refugee status." It is known for all around the world that Cuba has very strong political problems, and this is the reason of why they have this special status, since 1996 "the Attorney General has had discretionary power to guarantee permanent residency to any Cuban who has been in the United States for a year, including those on visitor's visas who have overstayed the period delineated in their visas."For other countries it is more difficult to get the U.S. residency. For example, the case of Mexico. In the past if a child had been born in the United States, the parents become U.S. citizens as same as the child. Over the years this rule changed. In modern times, there are just two ways to become a legal resident in the U.S. The first one is that a person has to submit the...

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