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What Precisely Is Art To You?

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Identify a piece of art which has communicated beauty to you, what precisely is this beauty and how is it that art manages to convey it?

“Art” and “beauty” are two very common terms that we meet in our daily life; however, there are questions about them. What are the definitions of “art” and “beauty”, and who in our society, are qualified to rate something whether it is beautiful or not? Immanuel Kant defined that beauty is in the eye of the beholder . In my opinion, a beautiful piece of art should be something that is able to convey a message to the others. Also, the art work should include proper use of colours, with fine arrangements and shapes. Other factors, such as materials, may ...view middle of the document...

They look rather like robots than humans. They are about to execute the civilians without any hesitation or sympathy. Most likely, they are no better than killing machines.
On the other side, stand the innocent civilians, including children and women. One of the children is still playing with soils. Probably he is too young to feel the fear of war; he ignores the fact that he and the others are going to be murdered. The others are seeking the adults (most likely their mothers) for help, as they are scared of the killing machines, they tried to hide. However, one of the adult’s face seems to be cold and fearless. Probably, she knows that they cannot avoid the deadly fate. Among the other civilians, there are some pregnancies. They are scared, their face showed the fear: they are screaming and crying. We can also realize that there is no man among the civilians. Most probably they are sent to the war fronts. Back home, the innocent children and women are killed by the heartless soldiers.
The setting tells pitiful facts of the war. The soldiers stand on green grass. Is not the green grass usually used to symbolize peace? Mean while on the other side, around the civilians is rotten, soiled land with a destroyed house and burning trees. The civilians are naked. Are not they hungry and poor? The war has taken away everything: life supplies, peace, and left them with soiled land and destroyed houses, and lastly, these innocent civilians are killed by strangers.
Hence, we can see the beauty of the work from its meaning related to the historical event. It showed the fact that war took away mostly innocent people’s life. The war was meaningless. The factual data gave more than a million of civilians were killed during the 3-year-war between the North and the South Korea. The painting portrayed the real face of the war. It was not a librating operation, but was a massacre. The aliened - heartless killing machines arrive and bring hunger and death. The painting rises a question: was American intervention in Korean war sufficient?
To some people, this painting might not be perfect in terms of colouring, shapes and arrangement. Human are portrayed with abnormal appearances. They look somewhat like alien, both the soldiers and the civilians. Picasso did not follow any regular figure of a man to portray the characters, however these “mutations” could still represents human beings, in different ways. If we compare and rate the “Massacre in Korea” to some other pictures, such as “The last supper”, probably the Last supper will earn more points in terms of colouring, and especially the characters in “The last supper” look more like human.

But again, the question that we need to bring up is: what message does the painting convey? “The last supper” is a picture, portrayed an event, according to the Bible – Jesus Christ’s last supper before he is...

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