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What Motivates Men To Become Serial Killers

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What are serial killers? Serial killers are people that commit a series of three killings. Some People believe that serial killers are born to be how they are; they think that these people don’t need a motive to commit crimes. In this essay I will give my ideas on what motivates men to commit serial sexual homicide, As well as whether or not these killers are born evil. I will use information provided by Larry J Siegel from the textbook “Criminology fourth edition”. I will also use information from the video “Inside the mind of a serial killer” by Michael Stone.
According to Michael Stone, men are motivated to commit sexual homicide after they experience some sort of serious head injury. Dr. Stone states, “About 30% of the serial killers had experienced some form of rather serious head ...view middle of the document...

And then carried out a number of rapes and finally kidnapped that young Jaycee Dugard girl that he kept for 18 years and had two children by her”(Stone). Or “Richard Starett in Georgia. He was raised in a wealthy home. He went around killing 10 women after he had married and had a daughter, but then he got kind of fed up with the marriage, et cetera. Now he had suffered two bouts of prolonged unconsciousness when he fell from jungle gyms and things like that when he was a kid. After which he underwent a dramatic and swift change in his personality” (Stone). These examples are proof that men commit sexual homicide after they endure a head injury that affects the areas in their frontal lobe (Stone).
Killers are not born evil. I think people are a product of their environment. Larry J Siegel states “People who suffer from prior social problems (for example, child abuse) may be more likely to commit violent act and to suffer from mental illness”(Siegel129). Siegel basically supports my opinion because he is stating that social problems can be a reason why people commit crimes. Dr. Stone says that killers commit crimes just because they seek revenge, for example “Debarr Labon in Texas who had been brutalized by his father and his mother... so they're constantly getting back at the parents who abused them or neglected them.”
To conclude I believe that people are not born evil. We as people suffer through certain circumstances, which manipulates the way we think and see society. Unfortunately, some of the things people might go through will change their life for the worst causing them to become psychopaths or serial killers. Once that happens, I don’t think there is much that can be done. That is why we as a nation should work harder at reducing things like child abuse or bullying, simply because these are some issues that cause people to become monsters to the public eye.

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