What Might Be The Consequences Of Failing To Work Proactively With These Stakeholders During The Project?

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DQ Saturday Parts 1 and 2
Who would be the typical non-IT stakeholders in a clinical project, such as the implementation of an electronic health record? What might be the consequences of failing to work proactively with these stakeholders during the project?

Poor communication is a reason for failure for the CPOE implementation. With lack of communication other employees or employers within the organization will not know how to handle a situation if one should occur, due to the lack of the leader not showing or explaining to the employees on what to do, when implementing a new project. New initiative may be outlined but not communicated throughout the organization as to how the ...view middle of the document...

Leaders who will be able to explain to patients and to help patients understand how the system works.
Lack of not having a plan when implementing a new idea such as CPOE implementing is cause for failure. Every organization needs to have a plan when implementing a new system so the organization will be prepared and so the organization will be able to have the system up and running on time without any problems. When the system is set up they will not get behind and will keep all the patient’s information private and secure without having to let the patients down and having the patients possibly leaving the organization.
A plan would be set up when we know the new CPOE System is getting installed. We would be ready by setting goals of when the system should be done, to hope that the plan will go as scheduled, for instance have a time the system will be ready so that the employees will be able to get trained, know what problems, if any, that the new system may cause, know what the system is going to cost, ask questions before the person leaves who is installing the system so that you know the answer before they leave, have the employees ready for training when the new system is ready to go and we will make sure the employees understand the new system before they use it.
Expensive budget is the biggest failure. An organization might want to implement the new CPOE System but the system is too expensive so they would need to decide whether they want the new system or not. They would need to take into consideration if it would benefit the organization or not before, they decide if it is too expensive or if it is within their budget. Budget is the main reason some organizations do not implement a new system due to the budget problem. In order to make sure the organization has the budget they would need to input their budget and make sure they have the money for the implementation budget for work to be done before budgeting for results to be achieved.
In order for the organization to make sure they don’t go over the budget they should have a person there to be able to help them find the right CPOE System and how much it will cost for the organization to put the system in. So what they would do is look into how much the system would cost before suggesting the organization gets the CPOE system. This would have to include training the employees to work the system. So what they would do also is check into different kinds of system that offer the same thing and see which one would be cheaper but then you would have to make sure the system is going to do the same work as others, or we would see what the budget is for the organization or see what the organization would like to spend and then do the research to see which is the better system and what we can get with the budget that the organization is shooting for.
Organizations might decide to implement a new system to improve quality and efficiency of care in their...

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