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What Managers Do? Essay

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Introduction/Background | 2-3 |
What managers do? | 4-5 |
Why organizations need managers? | 6-7 |
Strategies for enhancing employees’ job performance | 8-9 |
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What is manager? Manager is a person who is responsible for planning the work of a group, monitoring their work to make sure day-to-day operations run smoothly in pursuit of organizational goals. Manager can also be define as a leader of a groups who responsible for a business or organization.

INTERDENTAL is a pioneer in marketing and wholesale distribution of dental products in Malaysia. It is founded in 1979 and started as a ...view middle of the document...

So, Mr. Wong decided to use his knowledge and instead, become a dental products supplier. Mr. Wong was just 19 years old when he first started his career in INTERDENTAL Sdn.Bhd.

Mr. Wong Chong Ing, General Manager of Interdental Sdn.Bhd.
What does Mr. Wong do in INTERDENTAL Sdn.Bhd?
Mr. Wong is the general manager in INTERDENTAL Sdn.Bhd. General manager is located at the top-level management of the organization and he is responsible to make organization-wide decision and establishing goals and plans that affects the entire organization.

Based on the interview, I have know that he always attends exhibitions held in others country. Mr. Wong said that exhibitions can help him to know more customers and it also will help the company to increase company fame too. Besides, Mr. Wong is responsible to meet VIP customers and introduce them the products of his company.
As a manager, Mr. Wong needs to make sure that the products must be in good condition, so that the company can fulfill customer’s needs anytime. Mr. Wong needs to instruct the workers to take good care of the products. Mr. Wong said that the products are important because it can influence the profit of the company. Moreover, Mr. Wong needs to ensure that the quantity of products ordered by customer is correct to provide good customer service.
Besides, Mr. Wong also needs to plan to increase the company’s products types so that customers can have various choices. INTERDENTAL Sdn.Bhd supplies many types of dental’s product but Mr. Wong told me that the company is focusing on artificial teeth only because the acrylic teeth can keep longer and will not break easily. Furthermore, Mr. Wong said that INTERDENTAL Sdn.Bhd is one of the biggest artificial teeth company in Malaysia, thus this is a big advantages of INTERDENTAL as compare with other competitors.
Newcryl artificial teeth
Mr. Wong normally needs to monitor the employee’s performance to make sure they provide the products to customers before the due date. Mr. Wong said that they should do whatever they had promised so that their customers will loyal to their brand and will continue to buy their products. Besides, he also told me that social life is very important. Many customers are known through friends, family and relatives.

Why organizations need managers?
I asked Mr. Wong about this question, “Why INTERDENTAL Sdn.Bhd needs a manager like you?” He answered me that an organization needs to lead by a leader, that’s why manager exists. Managers need to help the company to make decision so that their employees can do their parts that are necessary to the decision. According to the “Management tenth edition” that wrote by Stephen P.Robbins and Mary Coulter, manager is define as someone who coordinates and oversees the work of other people in order to accomplish organizational goals.
Besides, Mr. Wong said that every group of people needs a leader lead the others. For an instance, father is the leader in a family and he...

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