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What Makes Me A Hbcu Allessay

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What Makes Me A HBCU ALL-STAR?
I consider myself to be an HBCU ALL-STAR because I possess the personal characteristic needed to push forward in spite of circumstances that may try to push me backwards. What is an ALL-STAR? I would define an ALL-STAR as an individual who succeeds when it appears that failure is the only option; refuses to take no as the only answer when there is always the possibilities for yes; and who understands that being successful alone is never acceptable because it is with others that one truly obtains success. There are six characteristics that I possess that make me an HBCU ALL-STAR and if others possess these characteristics as well, they can also be ALL-STARS. ...view middle of the document...

The strongest most effective leaders I have met are ones who care about people. They have a tendency to show their care and concern by not only their words, but by their actions. As an ALL-STAR I know the importance of caring for others and showing concern for those who are on the margins of not only society, but college life. Because of the concern I have expressed, I have been able to be inclusive when considering the needs of all students not just those who are considered leaders.
I think combining empowering and fearlessness would be appropriate for the point I would like to make about both of these characteristics. If empowering is the ability to make others feel emboldened and not diminished and powerless, then that would obviously mean that once an individual is empowered, they are also fearless. When a leader seeks to empower, they understand that in fact they are seeking to help people overcome the fears that keep them from moving forward and attaining what is rightfully theirs. As an ALL-STAR it is imperative that others feel that what they have to say and contribute is meaningful. That leads to an...

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