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What Makes An Leader Essay

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* What Makes an Army Leader Practical Exercise
* Student Handout

1. Clearly define the ethical problem.
a. The ethical problem in this situation is Whether or not I should be honest and do the right thing by turning in SFC Sharp for possibly destroying some “Secret” documents.
2. Employ applicable laws and regulations.
a. Each Unit is responsible for coming up with their own SOP’s from Tactical movements to situations such as this one (Security breach), which should state proper disposal of documents that are considered Secret. SOP’s along with the unit’s regulations should also have Army regulations, so I would check my SOP to ...view middle of the document...

This rolls into “do unto others as you would like to be treated.” Everyone makes mistakes and it is nice to receive a fair trial and not get condemned immediately without having the right information. Put yourself in his shoes. It is not wrong to investigate and get all of the right information before presenting it to your higher chain of command if need to be.
5. Commit to and implement the best ethical solution.
a. I need to develop some courses of action first. I could do nothing at all and just turn my back on this whole situation and ignore it didn’t even happen. This course of action would not be my choice. It goes against everything I stand for, which includes the Army Values. The second course of action I could take would be to immediately take it up to my higher chain of command and inform them that SFC Sharp has destroyed some classified information. I did not afford him the opportunity to explain himself and assumed that he was guilty without gathering information, therefore this would not be my...

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