What Made Non Violence Work? Essay

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CHAPTER Section 13.1 continued

In your textbook, read about gas pressure.





States of Matter
Circle the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
13. Pressure is defined as force per unit a. area. 14. What is an instrument designed to measure atmospheric pressure? a. barometer b. manometer c. sphygmomanometer b. mass. c. time.

Section 13.1


In your textbook, read about the kinetic-molecular theory.

d. volume.

Complete each statement.

1. The kinetic molecular theory describes the behavior of ...view middle of the document...



18. The partial pressure of a gas depends on all of the following EXCEPT the a. concentration of the gas. b. identity of the gas. c. size of the container. d. temperature of the gas.

is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a

sample of matter.

In your textbook, read about explaining the behavior of gases.

19. The pressure of a sample of air in a manometer is 102.3 kPa. What is the partial pressure

For each statement below, write true or false.

of nitrogen (N2) in the sample if the combined partial pressures of the other gases is 22.4 kPa?
a. 62.4 kPa b. 79.9 kPa c. 102.3 kPa. d. 124.7 kPa


5. Gases are less dense than solids because there is a lot of space between the

particles of a gas.


Use the figure to answer the following questions.
20. What instrument is illustrated in the figure? barometer 21. Who invented this instrument? Evangelista Torricelli 22. What are the two opposing forces that control the height of the

6. The random motion of gas particles causes a gas to expand until it fills its container.


7. The density of a gas decreases as it is compressed.


8. A gas can flow into a space occupied by another gas.

Pressure exerted by mercury column


9. The diffusion of a gas is caused by the random motion of the particles of the gas.

mercury in the column?

760 mm


10. Lighter gas particles diffuse less rapidly than do heavier gas particles.

gravity and atmospheric pressure
23. What does it mean when the level of mercury rises in the column?

Atmospheric pressure


11. During effusion. a gas escapes through a tiny opening into a vacuum.


12. Graham’s law of effusion states that the rate of effusion for a gas is

The atmospheric pressure has increased.

directly related to the square root of its molar mass.
Chemistry: Matter and Change • Chapter 13

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Study Guide for Content Mastery

Chemistry: Matter and Change • Chapter 13

Study Guide for Content Mastery

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Section 13.2 Section 13.3
In your textbook, read about liquids and solids.

Forces of Attraction Liquids and Solids

In your textbook, read about forces of attraction.

Answer the following questions.

1. Ionic, metallic, and covalent bonds are examples of what type of forces? intramolecular forces

In the space at the left, write true if the statement is true; if the statement is false, change the italicized word or phrase to make it true.

take the shape of its container.

2. Dispersion forces, dipole–dipole forces, and...

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