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What Kinds Of Assumptions Interfere With Critical Thinking?

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Four assumptions interfering with critical thinking that occur often are the assumption that others familiar with the problem or issue will share your enthusiasm for your ideas; that small imperfections in your idea will not affect people’s acceptance of it; the assumption that if your idea is clear to you, it will be clear to others; and the assumption that the people who stand to benefit most from your idea will accept it automatically without any persuasion on your part.

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People who disagree with you ideas will use any mistake in your plan to discredit your idea. A way to prevent this is by using your ego in this situation. Detailed preparation will reduce if not eliminate the amount of flaws in your plan.

Assuming that if your idea is clear to you, it will be clear to others. This is not true. I have tried to express an idea that seems very clear to me, yet I can tell that I lost everyone by the confused look on everyone's face. It is the speakers job to ensure that his or her audience will understand the message. This requires preparation to identify the audience so the message will be clear to them while still accurately conveying the main idea.

The assumption that the people who stand to benefit most from your idea will accept it automatically without any persuasion on your part. Just because you go through great lengths to give your audience what they want does not mean that they will sign right up without wanting to know more about your idea. You must be prepared to sell your idea to the audience using persuasive tactics if necessary.

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