What It Means To Be A Christian

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Patrick Trainor
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What it means to be a Christian

What it means to be a Christian; hmm. Prior to this class I thought I knew all I needed to know about being Christian: read the bible, attend mass, work hard, and be good to my family, the usual. After going through this course and reading more about the bible itself and conversing with those in the class I definitely feel more enlightened to what it takes to be a Christian. The day to day lives that we all live nowadays tend to consume us so much that I think we forget why we are what we are. And I think this class has helped to reaffirm why I am a Christian.
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Of course Jesus dying for our sins on the cross, and the horror that was witnessed as he toiled up the hill with the cross on his back was extremely important, but it didn’t truly increase people’s views or belief in him as much as the resurrection did. People witnessed him die on the cross. He was stabbed to ensure death. Of course even this tale to an unbeliever is a bit odd because the Roman soldiers broke the legs of the other two men who were crucified; but not Jesus (this should be a hint for most unbelievers). They pierced his side with a spear to ensure death, which of course he wasn’t fully dead because his blood and water ran separate from his side. To the people in the village this was sufficient enough to show that Jesus had died. It wasn’t until his resurrection that everyone truly believed in him. The fact that Jesus was indeed raised from the dead was the ultimate factor in converting the beliefs of the unbelievers. To physically see a man die and then be resurrected has to be the end all be all when it comes to a show of power and deity.
If you explore this happening even further it only enhances an important ideal of being a Christian; to live for one another. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice to die on the cross for our sins. He died for people that he’d physically never met, people that were not even born yet, people who some could argue didn’t deserve saving, but he did it for them anyway. The example was set long ago by Jesus himself and I think for me reconnecting with the Bible and it’s teachings in this class have illuminated to me the importance of my general kindness towards others, my acceptance of things that I do not understand, and the willingness to progress with or around them. To me these are some of the fundamental things that make up a Christian and I think they get lost in translation. To most the church is this large, quiet, place of judgment and damnation. I say that somewhat tongue in cheek, but also in a level of seriousness because I feel that too many people write off the church because of what a few have done, not based on the work as a whole.
Local churches and communities are usually disconnected from one another for many a reason. The image portrayed on television, in movies, and even in print make the church out to be this place of hypocritical loners that behave to a guide book of their choosing. The...

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