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What Is Your Opinion On The Idea That It Is Better To Live Today Than It Was To Live In The Nineteenth Century?

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I beg to differ on what most people would call "good old days" and rather say the "naive old days". Am not just being a critic rather; I strongly believe that what made the old days good was the state of pure naivity. Majority of people then believed that was how the world was meant to be, unlike in the modern days where everyone is trying to make the world a better place. As the saying goes "Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse". I'm actually glad to be living today where we are aware of our sorrounding and even wish to know more.In the modern days, the idea of time wastage has been minimised. Whereas one would ...view middle of the document...

Introduction of television and computers has brought about awareness in all fields. Unlike in the old days where people from one geographical area couldn't know what was happening in the other parts one is able to know all the happenings of a different place without having to travel. Introduction of computers has made communication easier thus making the world literally appear small.Medical awareness making people enlightened with any new advancements has as well been brought up by the introduction of Television. Incase of disease outbreaks all people are able to get the urgent news.Have you ever thought that, were it not for the advancements which have come to be, the human race would be extinct? Well there stands a probability. In the old days diseases were still present, some people might argue that there weren't any but the truth remains that diseases/illnesses were present. Only they couldn't be determined. You might wonder why I am so sure. Its from answering these simple questions; where there cemetries? Had all people died of old age?. If you answer is "no" then I have your support that there were diseases. The cure to most of these has been discovered in the modern days and without the cure to some highly transmitted terminating diseases the population would go down drastically to even extinction.The modern days have come to be as a saviour to the old days. Bringing conviences and enlighting the people thus making the world a better place to live in.

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