What Is Your Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of The U.S. Health Care System In The Context Of Delivery, Finance, Management, And/Or Sustainability? What Are The Issues That Prompted A Need For Health Care Reform?

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What is your evaluation of the effectiveness of the U.S. health care system in the context of delivery, finance, management, and/or sustainability? What are the issues that prompted a need for health care reform? Support your answer with a credible data reference. Do not use a reference already used by another student.

Health care reforms is one of the biggest issue for voters. With our aging population, complexity of illness and growing cost of health care, the government need a new approach to delivery of health care system. There is still a large population that are uninsured. There is mounting recognition that our country’s health system is greatly influenced by social ...view middle of the document...

The health care system must change to improve our nation’s health and takes strong steps to address the unsustainable growth of health care costs in America. We still have a long way to go before our health system become effective. We still have population that do not have insurance, have difficulties accessing their health care, or their needs are not met within the healthcare system. It is an investment in prevention and wellness and increasing access to primary care physician.

Here are four key reasons why we need health care reform (Whelan & Russell, 2010):
We need to address adverse health industry practices.
• Stopping discriminatory health insurance industry practices. It will also stop insurance companies from charging people more because of these conditions and prevent them from dropping your coverage when you get sick.
• Requiring more transparency and accountability. Make the insurance companies more accountable by requiring federal oversight of premium increases and public disclosure of the amounts they spend on administrative expenses.
• Eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse. Rein in waste, fraud, and abuse by imposing tough new requirements to identify high-risk providers who have defrauded the American taxpayers and identify where there are conflicts of interest.
Provide better health insurance coverage for more Americans
• Helping people purchase health insurance coverage. Health reform proposal will create state-based health insurance exchanges that will enable these individuals and families to join together in larger risk pools to purchase private health insurance coverage.
• Keeping down family spending on health insurance premiums. Lower premiums for the overall population by 8.4 %.
• Limiting consumer’s annual out of pocket spending.
• Providing health insurance coverage for people...

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