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What Is Wisdom Essay

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Wisdom is incredibly difficult to define. There seems to be no adequate definition that would encompass all essential aspects of what wisdom truly is. In asking several family members of all ages what they considered wisdom to be, I received varied responses such as age, spirituality, accumulation of knowledge applied to life, knowing how to live, being smart, righteous, and successful happy living. In considering those responses, I could only conclude that all of them would incorporate the meaning of wisdom. Age alone does not necessarily make one wise, however, the experiences an individual encounters throughout life would accrue wisdom. Naturally, the further one progresses in age, the ...view middle of the document...

When I began once more to read further in depth the Apology, Phaedo and the Crito, I realized that Socrates also touched on further explanation of what wisdom is. I believe knowledge must be obtained and philosophy must be studied in increments. Small parts at one time so that it can be understood, given time to process and contemplate. Socrates teachings and philosophy in general needs to be internalized. In order for an individual to begin they must first accept that what they think they might know could be erroneous, flawed and ultimately untrue. We tend to protect our beliefs, regardless of proof and evidence of those beliefs being wrong; I believe Socrates wanted listeners to be able to cast away flawed thinking for a more efficient and truthful form. In order for one to learn new theories, contemplate fresh thoughts and ideas, an individual must open themselves to the very basic understanding that they truly know nothing. This seems to be the foundation on which Socrates builds from yet, certainly does not end as a full definition of wisdom. In a small part of Phaedo, Socrates discusses the senses of the body and the soul; one could extract wisdom from understanding Socrates claim that the body is a distraction to the pursuit of higher learning and knowledge. Obviously, our bodies require rest, food, and sex as examples, we can easily fall into overindulgence in these necessities, something to be avoided. In the Crito, Socrates meets personal tragedy and a death sentence with moral integrity. In this way,...

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