What Is The Right Things To Do?

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Moral dilemma is a situation where people have to choose between two equally unpleasant alternatives. Moral dilemma is worse than anything, because whichever option people choose, someone or something will suffer. In a moral dilemma, people have to decide on the morally correct course of action, not just the one they would prefer. In the video Harvard University’s Justice with Michael Sandel, he discusses a lot of situations that deal with moral dilemmas. However, he focuses more on the first scenario which involves the choice between the death of 1 person and the deaths of 5 people. The second scenario involves pushing a man off a bridge to save 5 people below. A result in both ...view middle of the document...

Natural justice is known to be right or wrong.
There were many examples specified in Michael Sandel's Harvard video but he discusses more on the following topics. First, given an abstract choice between the death of 1 person and the deaths of 5 people, almost everyone will choose the 1 person. However, given a more specific scenario in which you have to literally, physically kill the 1 person in order to save the other 5, most people will switch preferences. For example, they would rather be "indirectly" responsible for 10 deaths, than "directly" responsible for 1. One of the neuroscientist has mentioned that there are two separate, challenging structures in the brain which cause the phenomenon: one is unemotional, in which “accountant" structure that weighs moral outcomes in concrete terms (1 death or 10), and another one is emotional structure which is simply averse to doing any direct harm to anyone (Pojman, 1992).
In the second situation, the tricky one of course is whether or not you should push a man off a bridge to save 5 people below. It is tricky simply because the part you play in this scenario is much more direct, significant and "hands on". It seems more personal. The end result may be exactly the same (1 dies so that five may live) but I think the real issues here are the emotional and psychological consequences that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. I mean, if you can imagine how much it could be harm you in future, especially if new information came to light after the fact that may have played a part in your initial reasoning had you known of it then (Dedek, 1972).
In the situation which a person push a man off the bridge to save the other five, another factor must be taken into account. In reality, if you consider there are 7 lives to in each scenario rather than 6. Where you have to include your own. You are not pushing mas off the bridge to...

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