What Is The Impact Of Demographic Trends And Latin American Migration? Specifically In The U.S. International Political Role?

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The United States of America has been a nation created and built by immigrants. Tens of millions of immigrants over four centuries have made the United States what it is today. History shows that since colonial times different settlers came from a variety of places. Most of them Europeans, who came from the British Islands of Scottish, and Welsh. Germans, French, Jews and Netherlands immigrants were the first settlers of the American society and the ones who built the nation as a whole. Original Native Americans were evicted and killed. Through the years mass migration of ...view middle of the document...

As a fact emigration from Mexico to the United States is currently the largest migratory movement on the planet. According to Pew Hispanic Center (2005) there are more than 40 millions of Latino American people living in the states. This situation has lead to big changes in the North American population density. For example more than 75% of the total Hispanic population is located mostly in the states of California, Nueva York, Texas and Florida. Los Angeles is the city with the highest number of Latin-American population in the United States. There is even a small San Salvador and a big Nicaraguan community besides of a wide Mexican colony over the whole territory. All of these situations have had important implications affecting the political atmosphere in many ways. First of all the increasing Hispanic presence in the public panorama and the Hispanic vote, In the other hand the American culture feels threaten by the increasing presence of this inhabitant. This whole situation has lead to favorable and non favorable reactions against Hispanic culture by the North American one.

This situation leads to a complicated dilemma in which according to the sovereign theory. States must control population movements across borders. In recent events the state of Arizona started a controversy by approving a law that makes it a state crime to be in the U.S. illegally. These kinds of controversy actions are just a few examples of what the governance is trying to do to control population. But the whole situation goes deeper. Some cities in the United States such as New York or Los Angeles are now called megacities being in the top of the 10 most Largest Urban Agglomerations in the world.

If we have a look at the past. Since colonial times the United States was already doing immigrations controls over the Europeans coming to the new world. With a politic of choosing just the wealthier ones and the ones who has the freedom to leave their home nations whenever they want. Since that time in the history till now immigration has been seen just as a way to supply the additional labour needed. As we have seen the United States has always made control over this issue. But it wasn´t till the terrorism attack in September 11th 2001 when the international migration polices changed. And bush´s administration faced two big challenges. First of all the concerns about national security due to the terrorism attack and second a completely reform in the American political immigration. This administration had to deal with a dilemma of fulfill the security immigration trends and at the same time trying to not put up a high barrier that wouldn´t allowed the immigrant labor market needed for the American economy. So that in the last 10 years North American promoted a changed in the immigration policies by creating new and stronger reforms on immigration laws. First of all the North American government created new agencies which were in charge of stronger migration...

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